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Pro Install not available Nest Learning Termostat

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@Patrick_Caezza  Just bought the Nest Learning Thermostat.  House has a heat pump and is wired as noted below.  The Nest setup reports "Nest will work with this wiring but requires pro installation".

I live in a rural area where there is no Nest Pro.  The nearest Pro would charge HUNDREDS of dollars to come here.

I need instruction to configure on my own.  The wiring and operation seems simple enough.  6 wires as noted in pic.

Hoping someone can advise of how to wire this. My only other option will be to return it.




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If you’re a is a heat pump then yes W marked wire goes to O/B on nest. Depends on which model nest you have some do have an AUX slot if not you can put to W2 good luck 

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You have them all marked correct. Just need to put wires on same letter designation spot on nest good luck 

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The wires on the photo above go into the TOP of the wiring block that is labeled R,Y G, W, W2, C across the top- which also says on the mount conventional.


Those slots also correspond with the BOTTOM labels for Heat Pump.

Maybe what I did wrong was wired it according to the TOP letter for conventional and NOT the bottom letters for heat pump?  The NEST connector has OB but no Aux/E (which is labeled W2Aux)

So it sounds like the W1 should actually go to OB on the nest- but where then would W2 (AUX E) go?



If you’re a is a heat pump then yes W marked wire goes to O/B on nest. Depends on which model nest you have some do have an AUX slot if not you can put to W2 good luck 

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Community Specialist

Hello dgarzoli,


Checking in — did you get a chance to try the steps shared by HVAC and CoolingWizard? If so, how did it go? Let me know if you need more help.

Thanks for the help, @HVAC and @CoolingWizard.


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Platinum Product Expert

@dgarzoli ,

Clearly you have taken the first step to installing your new Nest Learning Thermostat.  You have make one minor change. You have a heat pump and the wire you labeled W1, should be labeled O or OB.  The yellow wire should have a Y1 on it.  At this time, take the Nest Display and using a USB cable and charger, charged the display for 4-hours. 
Next you will need to turn the power off the power to your air handler.  Disconnect the wires attached to your old thermostat.  Then remove the screws attaching your old thermostat to the wall and remove the base.  Next you need to review the mounting options contained in the box and pick the option that meets your needs. 
Once you choose your mounting, mount the Nest backplate. Make sure the bare copper of each conductor is straight. This is important to ensure they can be fully inserted into terminal connectors of the nest backplate. In your case, the Red wire will go to Rc. The Green wire G, The Yellow Wire to Y1, the Orange wire to OB, the White wire to W2/AUX and the Blue wire to C.  To insert, press the tab down at the back of the terminal. Insert the wire fully and when you release the tab, it will not raise back up. If it does, even partially, your are not fully inserted.

Now comes the display. Remove the display from the charger and mount it to the nest backplate. It will be blank and that is ok.  Now, turn the power to your air handler back on. The Nest will receive the the power from the R and C wires and the display will start its self test boot process.  You will see the colorful Google G and colorful dots rotating. This lets you known all is proceeding normally.  You will be directed to download the Google Nest App onto your smart phone.  You will need to set up your account with the Nest App.  The display will display a QR code for you to add this thermostat to your account. When you set up your Nest app you will need to define a home, then add a thermostat to that home. During the adding of the thermostat you will scan the QR and that QR code tell the Nest App the model and unique ID of your personal Nest Learning Thermostat.  
The Nest Thermostat is pretty smart and will detect the wires that are inserted in the base.  It will conduct a continuity test of each wire to ensure it is properly fully inserted.

And by the way, the procedure described is all provided in the instructions in the box, Google and the Nest App.

I am here and willing to help you at any point if you have questions or get stuck.

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