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Pro Installation Suggested

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I bought a 3rd Gen Nest learning thermostat last year on black Friday for my  Goodman heat pump. I installed it and it ran fine all winter. But when it came time to turn on the AC in the spring my house turned into an oven. The heat pump would not switch to cooling. So I ended up taking the Nest off after I gave up out of frustration and put the old thermostat back on. Fast forward to today. I am sitting around and decided to reinstall the Nest fresh like it was new and during the set up this time it stops and says that the Nest is compatible but it recommended a Pro Installation but didn't give a reason. Just curious as to why it let me before and won't now. 



Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

it seems that your heat pump setup has Aux heat as well as emergency heat. Is this correct? Please provide details on your hvac setup. 

I believe that you are correct. I have a Goodman heat pump. Model# ARUF18241BA with Heater Kit HKR-05*/-05C. Don't know if that helps or not. The unit is about 15 years old.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

The following connections should work:

green: G
blue: C
red: Rh
Orange: OB
yellow: Y1
White: W2aux
brown: *

Then test your system and ensure everything works well.