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Schedule nest to turn off during peak utility periods

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I want to schedule my Nest to automatically turn off for certain hours of the day. The plan I have with the power company here charges you a huge excess charge ($15/kw) if you run a lot of equipment in the summer afternoons. (e.g washer + dryer + AC + stove). Since I'm not home in the afternoons, I want to MAKE SURE THE AC NEVER TURNS ON. If it does, even for a few minutes for a safety temperature, the utility will register the extra KW load and bill me. This is a 4-6KW heat pump system, and there are 2 in the house.  

@CoolingWizard I've seen you reply to a lot of these posts with "Why would you ever want an 'off' point, you don't know what the temperature is" - well - Here's my reason : I don't want to pay the excess power charge. I can run a smaller system or only 1 system If really need to, and maintain a reasonable temperature, or just wait for the house to reach a more comfortable temp once I get home after peak charge hours.


From all the posts I've read, this just isn't possible unless I switch out my smart nest for a dumb Honeywell (and I'll save a few $$ returning my nest). But I'm hoping there is a lingering RFE that goes something like this:

  1. When you schedule the temperature there is an 'Eco' value above 90 (not just 90f+🍃)
  2. It uses the 'eco' settings you've defined, which could be 90f or 'Off'

or even better - that's actually what the learning thermostat does, and the documentation doesn't explain it very well


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Platinum Product Expert

If it is your desire to “turn off” the HVAC system in the afternoon during the Peak hours. You see the ECO cooling temperature to OFF.  The ECO overrides the cooling schedule.  The only way to automatically activate the ECO settings is to use the Home and Away feature.  However, if someone will be always be home in the afternoon, then you have to decide what is the highest temperature that they can withstand.  Then you set the schedule that at say 3:00pm, the Cooling set point will become that maximum tolerable set point. You mentioned you have two HVAC systems, you turn one of them OFF and use the second only to cool the specific area at a temp set point that is the maximum tolerable. This is the only logical way to save energy.  

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