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Temperature resets

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Several times I’ve turned down the active temperature because I don’t want the heating running and then when I check an hour or so later it’s come on again With prices as they are I can’t afford to have this happening- perhaps Nest will pay the difference!! They don’t seem to answer anyone’s questions…


Community Member

Check the schedule isn't set and disable auto-schedule

Auto schedule is off Schedule is used but surely if I turn it down it shouldn’t come on/up until next schedule

Plus eco doesn’t always come on when I go out 
This all defeats the point of having the unit 
Do you ever update the stats we can get I had a different make before and it gave live graphs showing ambient temperature, indoor temperature and showed the heating cycling on and off By using this it was possible to level out the schedule so that the least energy was used 
I thought Nest would have something at least comparable but the info in history is useless 

Again the eco didn’t come on and yet the app showed me as ‘away’ Gave a screenshot but doesn’t seem to be a way to attach it