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Thermostat spontaneously changes to ridiculous settings

Community Member

My Nest thermostat spontaneously resets itself to 50 to 54° heating/cooling. We have it programmed from 67° heating to 72° cooling and never programmed the 50-54° settings. Why is this happening all of a sudden?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Check your schedule, there might be some sporadic data points affecting your program. The schedule is accessible from the Nest App. 

Community Member

Agree with laurentbourg.  

Also your tstat could be thinking that you are 'away' and launching into 'eco mode'.  You will be at the mercy of the settings within that mode if you've never set it up.  If your tstat 'wakes up' when you press it, this is likely what it is.  good luck.

Community Member

Do you have Google home speakers?  i'm having a similar issue where  I occasionally wake up around 3-4 am to find my thermostat set to 50 degrees.  Whenever this happens I find one of my Google home speakers is offline and unable to reconnect to wifi.  I have no idea why it's offline since nothing else disconnected from wifi.   It's always a different speaker and it never reconnects until I unplug and plug back in.  

I've disabled scheduling, nest sense,  Eco mode is nowhere near 50.  I have no ides what the cause is.