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Nest Thermostats

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Nest failed install

Hi guys. Installed the nest after running new 5 wire to new unit. Exchanged the old 4 wire with the new 5 wire which gave me C wire for power. When I turn on heat, it just blows air. The heat doesn’t come on. When I turn off the unit. The heat then t...

Propfuy by Community Member
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I cannot see the nest option when I try to link it with Google Home. Nest app works fine.

Neil2 by Community Member
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Can multiple Nests be used as Load Controllers

I am looking at getting two Google Nest Learning Thermostats and I read the FAQ for multi-zone homes, but I was unable to find the answer to my question there. I have a set up where each nest would control a different AC unit, which is clearly possib...

Langworm by Community Member
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Alexa won't control my Nest thermostat

I installed a new (3rd Gen) to replace an older Nest that had died. I had to migrate my account to Google. I tried deleting the old one, and connected the new one. Now Alexa says I have two thermostats, and won't do anything. Google SUX. Anybody have...

Woody6915 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

My Nest thermostat stopped working while we were on vacation. It was hooked up correctly and set to 50 degrees. When we arrived home the temperature in our home was 53 degrees and the app told be the battery life was so low that it could not connect ...

Laurie16 by Community Member
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que cables escojo en el

en el configurador de compatibilidad de termostato hay un monton de cables para seleccionar, cual debo escoger en el configurador para poder seguir con el configurador. adjunto foto,gracias

komi1 by Community Member
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