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nest thermostat cannot connect to network

Bought two nest thermostats. Installed one without c-wire first. When trying to install the second one I ran into "can't connect to network" issue. I thought it was due to the lack of c-wire. Finally resolved the c-wire issue. The first one is workin...

sideline by Community Member
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Heat pump slow to turn on, meaning several minutes of cold air

I switched from a Honeywell th8320r1003 to a Nest Thermostat for our forced air + heat pump + electric aux system. The problem I’m seeing after that transition is that often, when the forced air starts, it takes the heat pump something like 5-10 minu...

Jnieman21 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat large temperature swing

I've recently noticed that my nest thermostat is allowing huge temperature differences before it turns on the heat. I've got it set to 21 C, and the temperature on the unit may read as low as 17 C before the furnace turns on. Any idea why this is, an...

Mark_S by Community Member
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Shabbat Mode Best Thermostat

Many Jewish customers love nest but have to turn off loads of features because of a lack of a shabbat mode. It's not practical to turn off far sight and home detect settings every Friday and then turn it on again on Saturday night. It would just take...

I'm confused on operating mt Nest thermostat

I was never given thorough instructions on using my Nest. When I turn on heat and the temperature reaches set temperature the fan keeps running cold air. Is it supposed to turn off? and run heat again I have a Nest downstairs and it runs off and on a...

Old configuration photo

Does anyone know how/where to access the photo nest suggests taking before removing your old thermostat?

Dwowo514 by Community Member
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Heat only works when fan is manually turned on

Hey all - I’m just about at my wits end with this. I just moved into a new home that has three nests, one on each floor. The problem is that there is no air coming through the vents when the heat is on through the Nest, so if the heat is set to 70 an...

cckelly21 by Community Member
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