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Faulty Google nest

Hi. Our went off today and after consulting an electrician it looks like the 'Heat link' has completely died even though there is mains power to it. I have been told that I will have to purchase another. The product was bought 18 months ago and has o...

Neil1980 by Community Member
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How to wire a Nest E to a Heat Pump

I am trying to wire a Nest E to a 7 wire heat pump system. I currently have a R (red wire), O (orange wire), Y (yellow Wire, G (green wire), B (blue Wire), W1 (White Wire), and a X1 (black wire). I also have a brown wire that is not in use. I am tryi...

Jay9371 by Community Member
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Does NEST replace Honeywell Control A Temp Chronotherm III

I have the Honeywell Control A Temp Chronotherm III system with two thermostats controlling two dampers. It appears that one is master and it also only controls the dampers on heat mode and not AC mode. Could I replace these thermostats with Nest the...

Dab4933 by Community Member
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I got new internet and I factory reset the device instead of disconnecting the internet and now it's saying to continue configuration in the home app but nothing is popping up.?

Monplo by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat history

Hi,When I bought this Thermostat over a year ago, I chose Nest because there were many android apps that were dealing with temperature history from thermostat. When Google took over Nest, all those apps were banned, but nothing new were made by Googl...

Marko13 by Community Member
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Heating coming on

Hi thereI am suffering with the heating coming on during the night, when i look at the "history" there is an icon saying temperature set by Nest app at a high temperature. I have created a simple time setting schedule with a lower setting during the ...

timhare77 by Community Member
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Emergency Heat only working

I just installed a Nest Thermostat and can not get my heat to kick on unless I turn it to emergency heat. I have a heat pump system with a gas heat backup. Here is the wiring setup.  


Error code e73

Hello I replaced my thermostat have two wires white and red plug the nest thermostat but I get code e73

Bernardo by Community Member
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