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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

No alert notification when furnace broke

im the operations manager of my local community center and installed a nest as the building gets little use during Covid. I set the safety temperature to 45 degrees. Since setting it up, our furnace has failed twice. The first time, I was already the...

Fan during winters

What should be my Fan settings during winters and summers? What is the recommended duration/mins of the fan to be on per hour?

Raauull by Community Member
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Trouble Registering with OPPD Smart Thermostat Program

Please help. Phone calls to Omaha Public Power District got me referred to Nest phone number1-############ that is incorrect. I’ve tried repeatedly to enter the program online on OPPD website, to No avail. Thanks for your assistance.

MaryCee by Community Member
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4 zone system

Does the thermostat work for a 4 zone system (currently I have 4 thermostats with one as the main). Do I need 4 nest thermostats or can one work for all?

W5 error

Purchased July 2020.Now getting error code w5.Can't clear this problem.Seems to be a lot of people are having the same issue.Is this a faulty batch.

Nest Thermostat no power to R Wire

I have a two zoned system the first zone had power to the R (red wire) but not the C (blue) common wire. It obviously runs without the C wire on zone 1 even though the C is connected to C circuit board slot. However upstairs in zone 2 the thermostat ...

Breizzzy by Community Member
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Nest sensor reverts to schedule shortly after manual change

When I use the Nest app to change the active sensor, it is reverting back to the scheduled sensor in ############ minutes, rather than waiting until the next scheduled change. The timing is right in the middle of a time-block (1:00pm to 3:00pm), so t...

UlyssesJ by Community Member
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