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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Escalate a case

Hi there,I'd like to escalate my case and complain on the poor customer service dealing with a faulty nest thermostat. Case ID [9-8249000031865]I've provided all the right information and have tried to be as helpful as possible but I am still without...

Drushton by Community Member
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Wiring 4 wire for the nest gen 3

converting from the ecobee lite to the nest gen3. Need some help understanding what the older black wire is considered (yellow or blue) by current standards, as there is no PEX on the nest.Thanks.

JK88 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest 3rd Gen - Relay Panel Chatter

Nest 3rd gen learning thermostats recently installed. C wire present and working. Rapid chatter on the relay panel. Chatter on the relay panel goes away when AC is disconnected. AC and Heating equipment recently serviced. What is the issue?

Satya9 by Community Member
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Learning thermostat 3rd gen base plate

My thermostat humidity sensor reads 0%, went through all the troubleshooting and ended up finding out that the sensor is in the base plate. I’m only able to find second hand plates on eBay, anyway I can buy an original one? The thermostat is 2 years ...

Gabs83 by Community Member
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Compatibility Check Please

 can someone help me understand what kind of nest I should buy for this? Is it even compatible?

Sn2021 by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Best not charging

Had the furnace replaced and now Nest thermostat is not working. Tried charging via usb then received a message that directs me to attach it to the hub. Now indicating that it needs to shut down. Red light blinking and nothing going on. Thoughts??

Joanb by Community Member
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