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Nest Thermostats

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Heat Pump and Gas Furnace with Solar

I have a dual fuel heating system with both a gas furnace and electric heat pump. I would like to set the heat balance based on time of day and not outside temperature. Any way to accomplish this? Alternatively is there a way to set the heat balance ...

JRedding by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest wiring with two red wires

I’m installing a Nest Thermostat for my HVAC system. I have two red wires coming from the system. One is connected to R(heat) and the other RC(cooling) on the old thermostat. The Nest thermostat only has a connection for R . How do I connect the RC w...

Marco1955 by Community Member
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Heat link stopped working

My 3rd Generation Heat link has no output to the thermostat, no lights and so the reset button is not working. I therefore have no heating. It is receiving a 240v supply. The power supply was interrupted yesterday for about 5 minutes at about 1000 hr...

Paul4 by Community Member
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NEST Weather location

Recently, in just the past week, the weather display has changed to a location other than the location of our thermostat. I have used the Google Nest Support menu for updating the weather location in the Nest App on my iPhone and iMac. These updates ...

Afterward by Community Member
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Nest Gen3 w5 error.

Recently installed Nest gen 3 has stopped connecting to wifi with a W5 error. Tried reconnecting, resetting to no avail.

Setup App not connecting to device

Trying to add this device to the next app, and the “Assisting Product” is not connecting to the Nest E thermostat. This is the 3rd in I have installed in my multi family home. 3 time was not the charm. Please help.

LeoHp by Community Member
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Wire hook up

I have written down my old wires and where they are hooked up. I cannot find any article that asks what color wires you have and where to hook up the wires to the new nest thermostat.

Jumper by Community Member
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