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Nest Low Battery every two weeks

Hello - I recently moved into a new house and installed a newly purchased Nest Learning thermostat. Things operate normally but then approximately every two weeks it disconnects from wifi and reports it has low battery. It will then charge some more ...

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen not charging on USB

I've had my Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen for almost 2 years and today it started showing a H72 error: "The power to this thermostat is off."When I do Tech Info > Power it says Battery 3.930V, Vusb 0.01V and Vin 0.00V, but Iin 200mA (o)I've got mi...

Nest is not sticking to scheduled programming.

I have a schedule programmed into my Nest, but over and over we notice the house is warm and look at the Nest and it's not at the desired temperature. Also, I have my address correct in the app, but the outside temperature listed on the app is totall...

Sjane0418 by Community Member
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Upgrading from Gen 1 to Gen 3 Nest Thermostat

I am an original Nest thermostat user and just upgraded my HVAC to a heat pump. Am I able to take off the Gen 1 thermostat and simply put on the Gen 3 thermostat and expect it to work properly? I am trying to determine if I will need to rewire the Ge...

Replacing existing thermostat with Nest

I've 2 Wunda brand thermostats. 1 for radiators, 1 for underfloor heating, both of them fixed on the wall with wirings inside the wall. Is it technically possible to replace them with 2 Nests and use Wunda thermostat's wiring?

Azar by Community Member
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Resolved! Heat link has no power

Hi,my heat link isnt working its just stop working and I have it only over a there any chance I can get a replacement please?!Thanks!

MIRCHEV86 by Community Member
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Temperature sensor data via API

I am able to see my thermostat data via API, but temperature sensor data doesn't appear to be available in the Devices List API. Am I looking in the correct place? Is temperature sensor data available somewhere else? If not, when will it be available...

jason06 by Community Member
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Trane system nest compatibility

I understand that my trane thermostat is labeled a little differently than a standard thermostat. B in my thermostat looks like C for a standard one and W-O looks like a W for a standard one. So should I use corresponding standard labels for compatib...


Nest Heatlink No Longer Functioning

Google SupportMy Heatlink is no longer functioning. I have followed the advised steps posted in the community links however the HeatLink no longer lights up or responds to reset protocol.The Heatlink is receiving power and the boiler is functioning f...

Resolved! Needed More Home locations on the Nest app.

Hello All: We are using the Nest app with our church thermostats. The issue I have is some of them are far apart and by suggestion of the Customer service rep they had me set up the thermostats individually is a "Home Location" of its own....Now the ...

HBCAZ by Community Member
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