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Heat turns off before reaching set temperature

Help! I have 3x gen 3 learning thermostats in my vacation home. Two of them keep turning the heat off, even though the house is at 46F and I've set them to 60F. The indicator is gray, not orange, so I know it's the thermostat and not the remainder of...

Geohomsy by Community Member
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Flashing blue light heat link box

Hi. Just had a nest fitted today. Initially connected to boiler and fired up (but weirdly only 2 radiators came on). Then I fiddled around and now a flashing blue light on heat link box. How do I reconnect the heat link and thermostat?

GSatch85 by Community Member
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What does "Fan" control when only having R and W wires?

Installed a Nest Learning Thermostat in our new place last night (fairly traditional oil with baseboard forced hot water for heat split into upstairs and downstairs zones). I selected our Equipment as "Oil" and "Radiator", and we only have a red R wi...

Heat link - No power

Hi, I have a problem with my heat link which has been working reliably until last week. There is 240 volt supply, with no lights on, tried the 30 second button press, tried turning the power off for 10 minutes to see if that helped but nothing has wo...

Your system stopped heating you home several

I have received alert emails saying that my system briefly stopped several times while heating my house. How do I determine which unit is having this issue as I have more than one unit? I had my repair company come out, but they did not find the issu...

Arby by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat E keeps marking me as away

My Nest Thermostat E is not reading my phone as at home. I work from home, I’m almost always here, and every time I check my google home it’s marked me as away. My settings on my phone for both Nest and Google Home allow it to tell my location always...