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Nest Thermostats

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Nest 3rd Gen not heating consistently

Hello, We have a new Nest Thermostat, that when installed and tested in the spring worked upon test. Then also has worked over a few cooler days this month. But as of last night it stopped heating. The report said it heated for three hours and then s...

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 12.10.38 PM.png

Resolved! Nest thermostat gen3 battery failure

After a week of holiday I returned home, my nest gen3 was offline because it was out of power. After trying to load it with usb it only works a few hours. Resetting everything and emptying the netwerk settings don't help. Even if i reload with usb it...

royalt by Community Member
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I-Phone nest app

My nest app on my phone says offline, but my nest thermostat is working. I can't use my Google Home or phone to operate my Nest. My internet is working and have restarted my router and my modem--HELP

shep by Community Member
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INest 3rd gen learning thermostat not heating my home

I have a hydronic system at my house. Not radiant floors or anything, but basically the water heater sends hot water to the coils in my ac unit and then air blows over the coils to heat up and disperse through vents in my house. I've been having prob...

Red Wires Nest Thermostate

my thermostate has both red wires in the same connector. Does it make any difference witch red wire goes in R1 or R2 on the nest thermostate?

Roger by Community Member
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Resolved! Heat Link Issue - unable to turn off heating

I have a nest gen 3 recently installed a few days ago, right after the installation our engineer was able to show that the we could turn the heating on/off. However, a few hours after and despite programming the nest a certain way, the heating contin...

rvino-123 by Community Member
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I cannot bring up temperature settings on ipad

Nest Heat Link - No Power

Hi, I had my Nest Thermostat installed 2 years ago by a Nest approved engineer and at the same time I had my boiler replaced.It worked fine, then all of a sudden the Heat Link now has no power. There are no lights coming on, its totally dead. As a re...

Steve1 by Community Member
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Nest heating coming on at night

Hi. We have installed a nest in our new house. We had one in our flat and because it was small was never an issues. I am finding that I have scheduled the heater to come on around 6am as it gets cold but even though I set the temp around 19/20 at nig...

Avi by Community Member
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