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Nest-E Issues

Hi all,So I have a IDeal Logic 24 combi boiler and a Nest-E thermostat. Nest-E is on a stand and plugged into wall socket, Heat-Link is in same place as old thermostat using same wired cable. All shows fine, can access from Nest app/webpage and shows...

kev2022 by Community Member
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Any way to adjust aux heat to start at -25c/-13f?

I've updated my heat pump and since it can heat to -25c/-13f, i would like to change the adjustments so that the aux system starts at -25c/-13f but it only goes down to -12c/10f, any way to change that??

Proyan by Community Member
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Home App says error

When I click on Thermostat on My Google Home app it says ERROR. I Checked the Thermostat it shows that it is connected to WIFI. I have to reset the thermostat so my Google Home works. I have reset to factory setting, restarted the modem, reinstalled ...

Nest Termostat

Leaving town for a few days. How do I put my Nest on a Permanent hold? Thanks

laryzzzz by Community Member
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Google Nest thermostat and GPH1636H41 Goodman heat pump

I have a Goodman heat pump and a nest thermostat third GEN learning. The thermostat will not activate the o/b wire to activate the cooling mode of the heat pump. We have replaced the thermostat and it is still an issue. I can activate the cooling mod...

Revo39564 by Community Member
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Missing QR code

Hello, My builders put my nest thermostat in. They didn't give me the QR code and I can't find it on the device or box so I can't set the controls up on my phone. Does anyone know how I can get it or how else I can link my phone? Thanks

Hayley11 by Community Member
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Wiring Heat and AC, N72 error and Blower issue

When the Rh and W are connected alone, the heat is fine and I have Rh power. Once I connect the Rc, Y, and G, the air conditioner works fine, but I get an N72 power issue on the Rh and the blower fan from the air conditioner comes on when the heater ...

Error message

Getting error code on thermostat purchased last year. I've tried all the recommended steps several times, restarting my router, resetting network settings on thermostat, resetting to factory settings but can't clear this problem.

AP2 by Community Member
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