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Thermostat has no power

So I set my thermostat up and linked it to the heat link and all was working well. Then suddenly my thermostat said it could not connect to the WiFi and now my thermostat does not have any power even if plugged into the mains. Anyone experienced anyt...

Hayley-H by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat and Daikin

We have asked Daikin to connect our Nest thermostat to the new AC we bought from them, they have refused to do it imposing us a very old daikin thermostat that do not even work properly.Any idea?

Ruggero by Community Member
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Getting heat to work

How do you get the heat to work?! Therm set at 62 and it is 59 in the house. The therm says it will be up to 62 degrees in 2+ hrs! I bumped the temp up to 68 and still didn’t kick on. I tried all different setting and nothing. Any suggestions before ...

Susan29 by Community Member
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Heat Link - No Lights, No Heating!

Hi - my Nest Thermostat is less than two years old. The Heat Link has stopped working - no lights are on. Power is connected. Tried disconnecting power for more than 2 mins and holding button for 30s. No change. H71 error code on thermostat. I've got...

saggybe by Community Member
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Cannot get location services

I am setting up Google nest thermostat. And as part of the set up it brings me to a screen asking for location services to be turned on. However I got stuck at that screen. I tried a different iPhone same situation. There’s a blue button in the botto...

SunnyD by Community Member
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Error code e80

Hi I have problem with error code E80AC it’s working good. Except when it’s cold outside i get this code especially. can any one help me please.

Bobkh by Community Member
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Furnace/air only working when I walk past my Nest

I have the heat set at 70 deg C, every morning we wake up and the temp is 61 deg in the house. I walk down to the thermostat and once it see's motion, it turns the heat on. Same thing happens during the day when I'm in the basement working and my wif...

driscolld by Community Member
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new Google Nest Learning Thermostat installation

two days ago i installed the thermostat. all functions working fine. about 40 hours into installation a recurring beep (40 second intervals) has occurred. no ring color. no error message. i did restart. beep is continuous.