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Mini splits compatibility

I have a multi zone Mini splits HVAC system and it only has 3 wires on the thermostat a R, W , B wire is this system compatible for using a Google nest thermostat. Thanks

Njboluc1 by Community Member
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Thermostat issue

Hi, I keep getting the message on the thermostat itself saying “Thermostat is restarting, back in a bit” it then shuts off for a minute and then comes back on with the same message so is stuck in a continual cycle of trying to re-set itself. Has anyo...

DP3 by Community Member
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Help!! Trouble with wire connections

Hello I have a question regarding my current wiring. The original wiring had a green wire in the OB/w1 slot. Where does this go on the nest? I have it in the w1 slot now and the heat does not work when I turn it on. Thank you.

Joevark91 by Community Member
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Near thermostat offline

Hi! Does anyone know why my thermostat is saying it’s offline in the google home app but my actual thermostat says it’s connected to the wifi? I’m not sure what the reasoning behind this is or how to fix it. UPDATE: it says the Nest connection is off...

Morggg by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat

Hi, I have 2 Nest Learning Thermostat that I bought back in 2017. I used to have them with the NEST app but since they migrated to GOOGLE. I have google home app on my iPhone but am not able to add the thermostats. Any suggestions? Thank you

Resolved! constantly loosing connection to wifi

I bought 2 thermostats so I could monitor my house and shop temperatures this winter. They are turning out to be worthless as every time I turn around I cannot connect because they have dropped the wifi connection I have reserved both stats IP addres...