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Nest e thermostat

Thermostat screen is locked. Just a picture of a house with a downward pointing arrow above it. Restarting hasn't helped and when I try to connect to the nest app it says it cant connect - no configuration settings.

RSH13 by Community Member
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Compatibility and how to wire 6

 is the nest learning thermostat compatible? Red is 'R, white is 'W1, yellow is, 'Y, green is 'G, blue is, 'O, brown is, 'B. Any tips on wiring? We tried and it blows hot air on cool

Shonakb87 by Community Member
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N260 Error and wiring guidance

Since installing my Nest thermostat (Gen 1) I've had the N260 Error. It wasn't really much of a problem the first month or two because the weather didn't warrant the heat and cooling to turn on. But recently as it has gotten warmer, I installed a Pow...

LarryC210 by Community Member
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Restart "learning"?

Hi, we've reconfigured our HVAC and I want our thermostat to forget everything it knows about early on and time to temp. I.e., we want it to relearn those two functions.Any way to do that, without doing a hard/factory reset?Thanks,

thermodan by Community Member
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Cooling staging

How can I adjust the temperature stage up between cooling stages? I’d like to run my unit a little bit longer on cool stage 1 rather than jumping to Cool stage 2 after a couple minutes. And how can I tell it’s running on cool stage 1?

Tor12 by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Nest thermostat not providing 24 volts to Y wire

I am getting 25v from the transformer to the base plate, however when the thermostat calls for AC im only getting 18-20v to the Y wire which is not enough to turn on the condenser. I had contacted google about it last year and they told me it was the...

ereilly220 by Community Member
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