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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat compatability

I have a green, white, yellow and red. There is a blue wire but on my current thermostat it is not connected to anything. There also is a pink wire going from rh to rc. What do I do with the blue and pink wires? I have the Google nest thermostat.

CandiceSL by Community Member
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Entry Key from Nest Thermostat

I have seen many threads on this subject, none with a definitive solution, so I"m trying again. I have an older Nest Learning thermostat (I don't know specifically which model, it's 7-8 years old though). the thermostat has been working fine but the ...

LarryLL by Community Member
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Resolved! Different house

Can I add a thermostat to a different house with different wifi in the same account?

Spin by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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temperature changes from 72 to 68 by itself and blows cold air

Temperature is set at 72. Suddenly black number 68 shows up on thermostat and cold air begins blowing. Won't stop until I manually turn temp. down to 67, Cold air stops blowing. Wait 10 minutes, turn up to 72, hot air starts again.

sa18 by Community Member
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Lock- Unlock

Very often my Nest 3 gen unlock randomly and my mother, who live in the house ask Nest for 90 F.... I'm the only one who know te **bleep** that lock/unlock it and never asked for unlocking the thermostat. I'm also the only one using the app... Do som...

Nest replacement

After 7 years it is time to replace my nest, what are the steps? Or do I just remove the old from the wall and put on the new? Thanks.

Mrkburton by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Nest usage down but bill the same?

Hi everyone,My January Nest Home Report says that my energy usage was down by -65 hours (about 25%) compared with December. But my smart-metered bill hasn't substantially changed. Hive (!) mind, how is this possible?

karlsmith by Community Member
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Heatlink not working

Hello, our heatlink stopped working suddenly at the end of January so we are unable to switch on our central heating. How do I source a new heatlink?

Shins by Community Member
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