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H71 error no light

I have a 3rd Gen. thermostat that’s displaying an H71 error after working normally for well over a year, and thermostat not moved. The heat link has no light, and pressing/holding the button does nothing. The boiler has been power cycled, no change. ...

Marked by Community Member
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Can’t add my nest to Home

When I try to add the nest in the home app it asks if I have a old nest account and I say no and then it asks me to agree to the nest terms of service which I do but then it says there’s an error and won’t add the new nest thermostat to the Home app....

Dd5 by Community Member
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Early On when not at home

Hello everyone!I have Google Nest thermostats at home (electric, forced air) and at my weekend house (gas, in-floor).I have my primary house set up to ECO on fridays at 9pm, and back to COMFORT by sunday at 9pm.And my secondary house to Comfort on fr...

ThaGomb by Community Member
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UK - Heat Link Amber-2.5 has failed

My Google Nest thermostat was reporting it was not receiving power, and could not connect to the heat link. Checked the heat link, which is receiving 240V power, no lights at any time, and nothing happened when trying to reset to factory defaults. I'...

cyberpaul by Community Member
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Nest thermostats

I haven’t migrated my nest products. My nest app has disappeared from my phone and I can’t seem to do anything with it.

JamesS by Community Member
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Aux wire?

I have an extra wire that I’m worried about where it will go when I install. I think it’s an AUX wire but it was previously labeled “E”? Current thermostat doesn’t use the wire labeled “C” but it’s there and taped. I’m going to post a pic

JRock by Community Member
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Nest not triggering heating

We have had our Nest for 7 years, all fine until now. it is connected via Heat Link to a Honeywell wall control. When activating the thermostat (turning it up) you can hear the Heat Link click, but this does not fire the heating. Can I assume it is t...

Not able to add Temperature Sensor

Hi, Recently acquired a Nest Temperature Sensor to add to one of my Nest Thermostat 3rd generation and when I try to add it on the Nest App, I always get the message that my Thermostat needs to be update first. Check the SW version and I have 6.2-22....

Do I need the Heat Link if my boiler has wi-fi

Hi.At the moment I have a Worcester Greenstar 42CDi, connected via wifi to a battery powered Digistat thermostat.I'm thinking of installing the Nest Learning Thermostat.Do I still need to install the Heat Link, as the boiler seems to have a wi-fi con...

cj1739 by Community Member
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