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Nest Thermostats

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Wireless control for heating and hot water.

Hi looking for advice ,We have a BoilerMate OV system where the heating controls are conveniently in attic , can I use a Nest wireless system to control the heating and hot water which are currently controlled separately, but using the same analogue ...

Alan7 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat

I have a Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation bought and installed in April 2020 and working flawlessly since then. I haven't used my heating since around May. Today I noticed a message on the thermostat saying it "Failed to connect wirelessly to ...

PatK by Community Member
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No Power- E298 error code

The A/C has been cutting out in the middle of the night, the system worked fine from about 8am to midnight. We called an HVAC pro to troubleshoot and because the system worked perfectly fine during the day, we chalked it up to a faulty thermostat; I ...

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CoppellTX by Community Member
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Is the Google Nest Temperature Sensor supported in NZ

I’m in NZ.I am trying to connect Google Nest Temperature sensors to my Google learning thermostat.but the stat is suggesting I need to download software, but when I try to update software I’m told it’s up to are Google Nest Temperature Sensor...

Gazro by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat the fan works but it isn’t blowing cold air

I replaced my old thermostat with the nest Learning thermostat, the fan runs but the compressor doesn’t kick on. I put the old one back on, I got cold air. Hired an electrician to come install the thermostat, fan works compressor doesn’t kick on. I h...

CK2 by Community Member
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Google Nest does not live up to the hype

I made the mistake of buying a nest thermostat for the $129.99 before first reading online reviews.I’ve learned my lesson, for good this time, I like the browser as I us Duck Duck Go for searches.Products however are a totally different world.After b...

Nest Thermostat

I had my brand new Nest and now I have a renter. It wont allow her to use it. I have tried to delete my Nest accounts ect. She can not even use it manually. Can anyone tell us how to do this ? Im ready to just return the dam thing.

DebDeb1 by Community Member
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Is my trane compatible with nest?

 i did the compatibility checker and they told me to post a photo here in the community. Is it true common wire is B not C on my trane?

Lilryz by Community Member
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Thermostat activates blower

Hello,Moved into this house that has a Nest 3rd generation thermostat. I noticed that, every so often, the blower kicks in without the AC starting (being active). The thermostat doesn't reach the temperature for the AC to start, yet the blower kicks ...