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Nest Thermostats

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Fitting nest thermostat

Hi guys, I was hoping to fit a nest thermostat to replace my old one, but not sure if I can or if it will even work. I've took some pics of my old thermostat. Any advice would be much appreciated.   Thanks. Craig

1651846989145269096706084264319.jpg 16518471140584835918026839407296.jpg

Wire designations don't match current Honeywell thermostat

My current Honeywell HEAT/COOL digital T87 thermostat has five wires. A red and white from my furnace are connected to R and W And the three wires from my AC unit are connected to (red) Rc, (green) to G, and (yellow) to Y. So do I connect the furnace...

BobK486 by Community Member
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Nest pass code

I have a household member that cannot keep Thier hands off the nest. Is there a way I can place a pass code that will stop this. Using Lexus and 1 Google device?

Common wire

Tried installing a 1st gen google nest. Wires from old is rh and w. Installed and needed a common c wire or google power cord. My electrician helped me and still can't detect common wire. We tried three different wires. I bought a 18/5 thermostat wir...

Meet thermostat is almost non-responsive

None of those issues are mine. My issue is that this thermostat is almost non-responsive. When I press it the display goes to the menu, but I can’t change what is selected — rotating the sleeve does nothing. The thermostat only responds to being pres...

Yugenro by Community Member
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