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Nest thermostat e stuck on Google logo

Hi i have had a nest thermostat e working in my home for almost a year. It stopped working (nest is switched off but heating is on) so I decided to reset it. I used the reset to factory settings in the settings menu and since then it won’t re add to ...

Resolved! Eco is overriding set schedule

Hi - I have a Nest thermostat at my place of business (small gym). I have set a schedule, but when no one is present it switches to Eco mode. That's fine but when the next schedule temperature change is scheduled, it doesn't kick on. Yesterday, the s...

thermostat wont heat after certain time at night

I have my heating on during the day with no problems but once it comes to about 10pm the thermostat is on but it wont heat the house, its annoying as I work some nights so when im off im sitting in a house thats getting colder and no way to heat the ...

Nially by Community Member
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Resolved! Hold temperture on Nest Learning Thermostat

Going away for extended period and want to set heat to remain at 55 degrees. cannot do it. Learning Nest has a "Lock" feature that allows me to lock temp range within parameters, but the schedule overrides the lock. How can a accomplish this goal?

glog by Community Member
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Nest App with iOS

I can use Nest with Google Home. But with Google Home app the function is limited: I can't schedule to go on and off. With Next app, it just shows "Home" and "Away" function with temperatures. But It doesn't open up to setup.

Nest Thermostat wiring question

I'm upgrading a RiteTemp 8035C thernmostat to a Nest thermostat to control a heat pump. The existing RiteTemp thermostat only has an Rc to Rh jumper wire connected. I would have expected to see other wires connected to control various functions of th...

jones4317 by Community Member
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Nest connecting

Also cannot connect nest to phone. Tried all suggestions on the site. 

Siesta1 by Community Member
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Nest and my furnace fan - wont stop running

We installed a nest 3rd gen. id does work for hot at cold but the fan never stops running. the fan is turned off, learning is turned off. The fan only stops when we remove nest from the wall. we have a humidifier which has also been turned off. there...

Link1 by Community Member
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