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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Power Connector > L7224 Electronic Aquastat

Hello Team, I have this Honeywell L7224 Electronic Aquastat to control the oil-based burner.Based on the manual from Nest Power Connector, I should wire C, R, W/Y from Connector to C, R, W/Y on Aquastat.In my case, I can find the R&W to Thermostats, ...

Jim_CA by Community Member
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Nest wiring on Trane System

So attached is a photo of the current wiring that is for my full Trane System. I currently have a XL824 thermostat hooked up, but the WiFi is going so I'm looking to install a new thermostat. However, the wiring doesn't seem to match up with anything...

border411 by Community Member
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4 homes

How do I add a fourth home to my account?


My thermostat will not change from saying connect through Google home. When tryi g to do this it ask for enter number. What is enter number

Ahouse by Community Member
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Resolved! Trouble adding second thermostat TD013(4096)

Hello,I cannot connect a second Learning Thermostat to my Nest app. Read through several threads on this error message and tried the options gathered from each. At the start, I had two a/c units each with a Learning thermometer connected to my Nest A...

Nest Thermostat not uploading into App

I am installing the Nest onto the Google home app, when it gets to the finishing up step, it says "something is wrong" and asks to try again or exit setup. It gives no error code, and just keeps saying the same thing when getting to the same step. I ...

Nest Sensor.

I deleted old account before deleting my 3 sensors. I want to add them to new thermostat but keep getting message that they are associated with another account. I tried removing battery for 5 minutes and still have same issue. Any other suggestions?

Bdt1 by Community Member
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Replacing Honeywell by Nest learning

I have TRANE HVAC (XV95) and heat pump with THX9421R5013 thermostat with outdoor temperature sensing wireless module. Everything is working fine.This is probably a semi-smart thermostat. My first question is, is it worth replacing it with nest?Secind...

Svk by Community Member
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Base Replacement - 3rd Generation Thermostat

How can I find a replacement base for Nest 3rd generation thermostat? I have narrowed down issues and determined this is the cause of thermostat not working.Google seems to offer a replacement here ( but that item has been out...