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Re-setting my password

Suddenly, I can no longer use my Nest app on my phone to control the Nest. I am attempting to reset my password but haven’t received an email on my gmail account. (Gmail is not my regular email account.) can I please talk to someone on the phone to g...

Sunset1 by Community Member
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3rd Gen Thermostat offline

Hi, my thermostat has been working flawlessly until 3 days ago when it went offline overnight. I’ve followed every troubleshoot protocol but it will not detect or connect to my Wi-Fi. I can’t find anything more to try. Can anyone offer advice please?

heat turns off and on non stop

Heat will run for 59sec (as says on the system log) and turns off for a split sec then on again. You can hardly can catch that it turned off, it turns back on so fast. I looked at many reviews and they mention a common wire but I already have that. P...

Julia90 by Community Member
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Resolved! How to connect multiple mobiles to learning thermostat?

HiJust had Learning Thermostat successfully installed and controlling it via Nest App on my mobile. I want to add my wife's mobile to also control it, but when I reach the part where it asks me to enter the key, it reports "This thermostat is connect...

Viffergb by Community Member
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Google Nest Turned Off

I installed my Nest thermostat last winter. It has been working fine. During the summer I switched it to Heat + Cool. I use this for a vacation home, so I am not there most of the time. I noticed at the beginning of fall, the temperature in the house...

mkeysaer by Community Member
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Nest lost connection

Kept getting message that not connected to wi-fi anymore. Went to a troubleshooting page that suggested deleting the Nest and re-adding device. Now it asks for the QR code or the 6-digit code. I would have to pull the **bleep** thing off the wall, wh...

MizAdeleM by Community Member
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I don’t know what generation nest thermostats I have ?and I’m old thermostat is run by battery and need to do it the same way with this one

Nest Thermostat (non-learning) Compatibility

I'm curious why the non-learning Nest Thermostat is not compatible with my heating/ac system. I have an oil burner heat system that has two wires the Rh and W1 and a Centra l AC system that has three wires the Rc G and Y1. I want to install this ther...

Edmac1 by Community Member
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