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Nest Thermostats

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My Neat will not kick on when temperature lowers below setting. Only way to turn it on is to turn off nest then turn it on then furnace will kick on and run.

Darci by Community Member
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Nest Power Connector

I had to buy a Nest Power Connector because you were out of Stock. It was the same price ($24.99) from Amazon. Can you issue me some credit for this?

Nest Thermostat with sudden error code

We've had a Nest Thermostat since April, working with no issues. Suddenly, it's giving us an error code saying it can't find the C wire. There is nothing wrong with the wire. It has power. It's clean, stripped, has been working fine since April. Help...

KelCdB by Community Member
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Heat to 81

We have been using the Nest for 2+ yrs with no issue. Now the heat has gone up to 80. I have shut it off and still at 80 in the room. How do I know if it is the Nest or the Furnace?

Renee by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Gen drops off network

This is my second Nest thermostat. Sadly, it's still performing the way it did years ago >>> Nest just can't get it right! I switched over to Ecobee and have never been happier! Not once have I ever had an issue with the thermostat >> IT JUST WORKS!

tedsesr by Community Member
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Clean energy

I have 3 systems in my house, a heat pump, an oil boiler for radiators and and oil furnace. Therefore, I have 3 thermostats. I am in the Nest Renew program. I do not understand why it is adjusting the boiler and furnace for cleaner energy times since...

slattmi by Community Member
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Resolved! Heatlink problem

Heatlink has power but no lights and will not work or reset.How do I organise a warranty replacement?

Nest thermostat W5 error

My 3rd generation Nest learning thermostat has worked for over a year with no problems. But a few days ago it started showing W5 error code, it can't see my router and I repeatedly tried all the troubleshooting steps, restarted my router, entered use...

Logger by Community Member
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