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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Wiring Help

Hi -- hoping for some clarity and an easy solution here.I'm replacing an old HEAT ONLY Honeywell unit with a Nest. Behind the old stat, White wire was connected to W and Blue wire was connected to Rh. There were 3 spare wires not used, Red, Orange, a...

Neat thermostat can’t find Wi-Fi since 2020

HelloMy nest has not been able to locate or connect to WiFi since sometime around August-September 2020. I was part of a thread back then but never got the issue resolved due to a number of things. I have just been working around it. I have tried to ...

nest learning thermostat

Hi All, just bought a nest learning thermostat and it didnt come with any cables to supply power to the thermostat dial. What kind of cable and supply should i use? i think i read on the manual that it needs to be supplied with low voltage, so does a...

soulman by Community Member
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Nest thermometer

Two questions:1 How do I manually set a schedule on the Nest Learning thermostat?2 Trying to connect my Nest Learning Thermostat to my Nest App. I also have a Nest doorbell, which has been offline for a while now and we cant seem to fix it. In either...

russellpg by Community Member
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Nest thermostat AAA battery,,

Hi, I have the nest thermostat . I didn't connect it with C wire. It is using AAA batteries right now. I was wondering if I replace the regular AAA battery to the rechargeable AAA.. will it work ? Will the rechargeable AAA get recharge from the therm...

Hangout by Community Member
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nest learning thermostat

Hi, do i need to have a thermostat already installed at home to be able to replace that with a nest learning thermostat? I dont have a thermostat currently and use the timer controls on the boiler itself to turn the heating on or off rather than a th...

soulman by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat lowering heat temperature at night

Why would my learning thermostat automatically lower my heat temp during the night?Every morning I wake up the heat is several degrees cooler than what I set, and want it set at. Is there a way of holding the temperature during the night?I never adju...

Canman by Community Member
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safe mode

Had a long power outage at my cabin, Nest went into safe mode and is still in it. How do I change it back to normal heat setting on the app?

Richs by Community Member
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Nest won't heat house above 18c

Hello, Recently moved into a house that had a 3rd gen Nest installed, sync'd to my phone fine, but I can't seem to get the house temp above 18c. It fires up the boiler fine in the morning to get the house upto 18, but then cuts off. we've had the tem...

jbarker09 by Community Member
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