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Nest Thermostats

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Need Help with Wiring

Hi,Trying to configure the below wiring setup for our Nest thermostat. Any ideas? Thanks!

tdascenzo by Community Member
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Resolved! Wiring Schematic Needed

I have an existing Hot Water Baseboard Heating System with 2 Zones, 1 upstairs and 1 Downstairs. I also have a Sidearm Hot Water Heater controlled by an Aquastat. The Boiler is controlled with a Honeywell L8184A Triple Aquastat. I am installing Centr...

L8124A.jpg L8124A.jpg
12571 by Community Member
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Rename Hot Water

Good afternoon. I have an existing Nest thermostat controlled from my Android device. I have just added another Nest 3 thermostat unit in a different area of the building. It's been added to my existing android app and works. I do however wish to ren...

Start and Stop of the Thermostat.

Hallo,as you can see in the attached picture of the Cronology of my Nest Thermostat, I would like to ask if there's a solution to this continue "START and STOP" of my Pellet Boiler.This situation is not really good:The pellet boiler uses more energy ...

Gioweb by Community Member
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Early-On feature not working

We've had the thermostat for two weeks now and it still isn't turning on the heat soon enough to get it to temperature at the set time. "Early-on" is turned on and the "Choose Maximum Duration" is set for 5 hours. BTW - as I'm typing the house is now...

Wilma58 by Community Member
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Ground wire has voltage

So this isn't related to Nest, but curious about theories on it. The Nest stat was reporting faulty ground wire, but still worked fine. Curious about the ground, I measured with a multimeter and it was reading 8v coming from the furnace PCB board.I d...

Grimzly by Community Member
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Controlling a Nest Learning thermostat

I installed a Nest learning thermostat and set a schedule using Alexa. During the installation, Google Home was installed. Do i need Google Home installed if i control the thermostat with Alexa or can remove Ggogle Home and only use Alexa and the Nes...

Richardrp by Community Member
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Nest not showing history for over a week.

Nest app doesn’t show history. Says no usage but on expanding the bar, usage is seen.I have two separate nests and both do the same suggesting there is a software glitch. Any awareness of this?

RichT1 by Community Member
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