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Nest Thermostats

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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Nest Thermostat problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of Nest Thermostats.Before trying these stepsMake sure you're using the correct app for setup. Need help checking which model you have? Use the Google Home app to set up the following...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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I have a nest with 3 wires. Red/Black/White

I have a nest system hooked up with two zones for my boiler. The upstairs is the main controller with the nest hooked up. There are three wires: black, white and red. The red is hooked up to the w terminal and the black is hooked up to the power term...

Rbrady by Community Member
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Nest Network Down (March 2023)?

I'm having issues on my two Nest-managed locations (Work and Home), with the thermostats not responding to remote commends from the iOS App or web browser. All Nests are online.Any issues on the Google/Nest network currently (for the last 2 days)?Thx...

Resolved! 1780-361 White Rogers Compatibility

Hello. I purchased a Nest Learning Thermostat and I ran the the installation set up and was informed that my system is not compatible. I saw another post where a user has the same White Rogers thermostat and they were informed that their system is co...

msl76 by Community Member
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Three nest thermostats to control three floors.

Hi. I have gas-powered underfloor (water) heating, Bosch (older system from 2010). It's driven by the main thermostat unit installed in the working room ( with a help of an outdoor sensor). We're heating a three-floor home, each floor is driven by a ...

tomceb by Community Member
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Can't reset or get a support line

Somehow one of my thermostats got locked. It was offline from our network for renovation. Now it requires a PIN I don't have and I can't access because it's not connected. I need the factory reset file sent to me by Nest but can't find a way to conta...

Trying to add power connector

  Adding nest thermostat to a two wire newer Burnham boiler x-205. Thermostat wires are easy to identify at boiler. But they go into a fully loaded crimped wire connector attached to the circuit board. Also cannot identify where common is.

E2564D6A-34F5-468C-853F-9C73CDDD6C3F.jpeg 7E36C5E7-B9E2-48CD-B013-132243E5321E.jpeg
es114 by Community Member
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