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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! Thermostat

How do I disable the eco mode on my thermostat 

Doug4 by Community Member
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Resolved! can I test thermostat with only C and R wires connected ?

I just got a Nest Thermostat E, and wanted to have a look at the settings before I install it. So I simply connected a 24vac source (a wall wart) to the R and C terminals. It let me go through a bunch of the setup stuff (internet connection, location...

jge1 by Community Member
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Using Nest Thermostat as a stand alone sensor

how May I use my Neat thermostat as a sensor without attaching it to the a/c and heat system. I just want it to monitor the temperature. When I try to attach it to the app it says not hooked to the system. I can power it with a charging cable from th...

No power to nest thermostat.

Just installed a new nest thermostat E and it has no power. It is wired correctly. Trying to charge now but getting nothing. Any ideas?

GBW by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat

One of our nest thermostats is not connected to our WiFi. This happened about 4 days ago. I have tried all the suggestions, reset the thermostat, reset the WiFi, manually try to connect, checks battery, checked ping strength, and anything else sugges...

Pipala by Community Member
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Resolved! New Nest thermostat not showing up on Google Home App

Hi,My new Nest thermostat has been set up and is working perfectly fine, thru the old Nest App. However, when I try to get that integrated into the Google Home app. it is not showing up. I tried to find it in the "Works with Google" link - and Nest d...

Areev333 by Community Member
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Nest App Won't Connect to Nest Service

Get this message repeatedly: "There was a problem connecting to the Nest Service. Try again in a few minutes." Needless to say, it NEVER connects. I have reset the thermostats, reconnected successfully to my wifi, rebooted the router. No connection t...

vito1 by Community Member
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Family member can’t view thermostat lasted Nest

We just installed the latest nest thermostat and working terrific. The challenge is inviting my wife to view and control the thermostat from her phone. why have you made this complicated by adding Google home? This is. Shins frustrating. I went throu...

start up

instead of a/c coming on, heat comes on. I think wires are correct. Attached is a picture of the nest connection, and the Carrier thermostat that was removed. The colored wires were all on the respective spots.

Nest 1.jpg nest 2.jpg
pattyd by Community Member
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