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w5 error

Nest Thermostat has the reported "w5 error" and cannot connect to WiFi Have a case open since 3rd April sent mails everyday and still no response. I send all info and still no update this is still under warranty so how much more does one need to prov...

Tracey3 by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi issue

It used to connect to Wi-Fi but now It was not. I had tried so many times to reboot, restart, and nothing worked. I Installed this system not even 1-year yet. What's happening now? How can we fix it? How can I get a new one instead?

erick9566 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat stuck on

My nest 3rd generation has turned on the hot water valve and it won’t turn off. I’ve tried a reset. The only way to turn it off is to disable the option completely in the nest pro section?

Davemc by Community Member
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W5 error and tried all of the recommendations

My Nest Thermostat has the reported "w5 error" and cannot connect to WiFi. It does not even detect the WiFi. Have tried all suggestions (restart and reset both the router and Nest Thermostat) and still won’t connect to WiFi. From what I am reading it...

Switch to this phone

Google home, if I enter the menu "detects the presence of people from the phone" it always gives me "switch to this phone". I follow all the wizard successfully. I go out I come back and gives me again "switch to this phone".I don't understand why.Th...

MarcoT73 by Community Member
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Compatibility check

  will our nest learning thermostat work with this system? It is a heat pump system. Currently right now I’m not getting any power to the nest thermostat by plugging in the C and R wire. There is only two wires but the old system had a bridge/wire in...

BE427C09-38ED-4926-8579-BAF4D35ACB30.jpeg 735348AB-F97B-4D9C-986E-BE02A9368FD9.jpeg

Wiring compatibility

Hi,we have a rheem thermostat(RHC-TST401MDMS) with the wiring shown in pics. As shown in pictures a blue wire is connected to V (PWM Output). Need expert advice if google nest is compatible with the wiring shown in pics and where should we connect th...

6011D251-2DBF-4903-9787-7AB616BA7AEE.jpeg B7B736A4-5469-4D1C-B3CA-D2EF06003015.jpeg
Asish2014 by Community Member
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Heat link

Heat hive has stopped working out off the blue. Power going into the hive unit but it is dead. Tried all troubleshooting solutions and still nothing. Is there a fault with the product that can be fixed