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compatibility and wiring help

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Hi, I am hoping to get some help to see if Nest learning Thermostats 3rd gen is compatible with my current system.

I am based in Ireland and I have multi-zone heating and hot water, I have one thermostat in each zone and a 3-way programmer to control. (this one  wiring from page 19)

I wanted to know if it's is easy to install - that I could use the wire on my current programmer and don't have to touch the boiler. I think I will keep the old thermostats just set them on the max setting and replace the programmer with the heat link. But looking at nest's wire diagram I am a bit confused, am I going to lose multi-zone control as nest seems only takes hot water and heating? 

Here's a picture of the wiring of my programmer. 



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

The UK/Europe version of the Nest Learning Thermostat with the HeatLink should be able to work for you.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about how to set that version up.

If you are asking if the USA/Canada version will work, then no. You system is using line voltage and the US/Canada version is 24Vac only.