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connection a learning nest to a water furnace intellizone zone controller

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The connections from the zone controller are 

R - C - Y1 - Y2 - Y3 - O - G

Y3 is connected to W2.  


The problem is the furnace never goes to into stage three heating.

The Y1 - Y2 are the only wires that come on 


the chart included in the zone controller

operation modes              Y1     Y2     W   O   G

Heating 1st stage              on    off   off  off on

Heating 2nd stage            on    on   off  off  on

Heating 3rd stage             on   on    on   off on

Heating Emergency         off   off   on   off on

Cooling 1st stage              on   off   off   on  on

Cooling 2nd stage            on   on   off   on  on

Constant Fan                     off  off    off  off  on


Any suggestions on how to get the thermostat in to 3rd stage heating