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Nest WiFi Slower than Google WiFi?

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I've been using 4 Google wifi points (Costco 4 pack) for at least a few years. We have a bit of a spread out layout in an older home on a large one acre lot so mesh worked great for us. But, it wasn't incredibly fast and there were still some slow spots and a few outright dead zones even with 4 Google wifi points on a 1gb fiber optic connection. The 1gb fiber connection has no modem, literally fiber to the house connected to cat 5e in the ISP box outside the house, so anything I plug that line into connects to and gets a 1gb up/down; hence it was connected straight to a Google wifi point.


So, I figured I'd add a 4 pack (Costco again) of the new generation nest wifi points since they're compatible with the Google wifi. So got that 4 pack with the router and 3 points. I first deleted my existing wireless network and factory reset all Google wifi points from the home app. Then setup the nest router and started adding points. 


I noticed something odd after adding a few points, even though I was adding the points a bit closer together since I was going from 4 --> 8 of them I figured I'd get "great connection" on everything in mesh test but I wasn't. So I went back to the router, toggled wifi off then back on to ensure my phone was connected to that router and ran a speed test (using the speed test Android app). It tops out around 200mb +/- a few mb...this is super odd as with Google wifi doing the same thing gave me something like 600-700mb+ up and down. The upload with the nest router is as it should be, around 700mb and the speed test in the home app is showing around 900mb up and down. But, with my phone either literally sitting on top of the nest router or just standing a few feet from it, 200mb down, somehow this is about 2-3 times SLOWER than the previous generation Google wifi?


To make matters worse, I wanted to confirm the Google wifi was indeed much faster as I recalled (I know it is, I'm just ocd and wanted to verify)...but, I couldn't get any of the 4 Google wifis to setup again. All four reported no network connection during setup. Tried installing them from my Android phone, my Android tablet and my wife's iPhone 11...nodda (and I did the same deleting of the wifi network and factory reset of all points before trying to go back to Google wifi) then I reinstalled the nest wifi and it worked fine, albeit still with the slower speeds.


So, I'm stumped. I called Google support, they couldn't figure anything out and suggested maybe I just stick with Google wifi instead (even though it wouldn't work again).


So for now, I'm using the nest wifi router and all points including the Google wifi ones. They attached to the network with the nest router without issue even though they refused to "create" and BE the router again.


So, 8 points in use, 4 nest, 4 Google wifi and coverage is improved a bit, but not as much as I was hoping for and speed is definitely slower...not much of an upgrade?


Am I missing something? I also switched to Google's DNS (, and same issue.


Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Google Wifi and Nest Wifi points are AC1200, while Nest Wifi router is AC2200.

More pucks is not neccessarily better, you might end up with worse performance due to interference and overhead (too many pucks talking to each other constantly).

For better performance you could consider to use a wired backhaul, that means pulling ethernet cable between all the pucks. If ethernet cable only is not an option you have alternatives like ethernet over coax (MoCA) and ethernet over power line. Google Wifi and Nest Wifi router has ethernet ports, but the Nest Wifi add-on points does not. Recommendation is to either go all wired backhaul, or all wireless backhaul, due to the fact that mesh (802.11s) does not travel over ethernet, which can cause strange problems when mixing wired and wireless backhaul.

As to why you don't manage to combine Google Wifi pucks with Nest Wifi, I don't really know. Did you buy them in the same country? Because mixing US and EU won't work for instance. But mixing generations is supported:

Other worksrounds for adding 2nd points:

  • Place it close to master during setup, unplug and move it afterwards.
  • Wire it by ethernet cable to the master puck during setup, from master LAN port to 2nd WAN port, unplug and move it afterwards.

I don't work for Google.