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Nanoleaf Troubleshooting for Nest Wifi Pro users

Hey Nest Community, Some of you have encountered an issue between Nest Wifi Pro version 3.73.406133 and older versions of Nanoleaf Essentials products (below version 3.6). There is an incompatibility which causes Nanoleaf Essentials devices to become...

Control over router bands

Feature request and general feedback.... The google nest router and the google home app does not allow you to turn off the 5.0 band so you can connect smart devices that almost always need 2.4 only. I've tried physically taking smart devices as far a...

ajpdawg10 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro - Mesh failing

Hi All,The mesh on my Nest Wifi Pro keeps failing. I have the 3 pack, connected wirelessly.the problem shows in a number of ways:Cant cast to a speaker connected to a different Wifi pointDevices drop in and out of connectivityCant print to printer un...

MrLeeches by Community Member
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Wifi restarting by itself.

Starting a new thread because my previous one was moved to another thread that is totally unrelated. My google nest wifi router keeps restarting on its own and its getting real annoying. The below mentioned is what I have done so far that didn't help...

WJLIM by Community Member
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Family Wi-Fi device groups

I'm trying to add my kid's Roku TV to the Family Wi-Fi group so it's easier to schedule time they CANNOT access the Internet, but I can't figure out how to do that. Our TVs are all Roku TVs, but none of them are listed as options to add to the group....

850Mbps in (hardwired as well) 290Mbps WiFi

I have the Nest router with 2 mesh points/extenders. I’ve had it for a few years. I have a 3.1 router. I have been getting incredibly slow speeds and lots of buffering and compression when I stream live TV. When I do a speed test, my WiFi is getting ...

sferg1 by Community Member
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Google WIFI not working

hello, My google WIFI mesh network suddenly stopped working a few days ago. Following all the steps to get it restarted that they provide on-line but still not resolving the issue. I tried contacting the customer service number they provide on the ba...

MAC whitelist feature in Google

Is there a new feature in Google Wifi to whitelist MAC?I want devices that I only know to join my network.

micdls by Community Member
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Nest protect wont connect

Hello my nest protect will no longer connect to the internet and just keeps announcing that there is smoke in the kitchen over and over again. I’ve done a factory reset and tried to reinstall the product but the WiFi will not connect. Anyone have a f...

Google Nest Products

So, I have been creeping these forums and support pages for the last 2 years. I invested quite a large chunk of money (to me anyway) in outfitting my home with the whole line of Google smart home products. From the doorbell to the wifi system and dow...

google wifi lock

My kid has always been able to unlock the settings. Anyway for a secure lock?

suika by Community Member
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