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Pausing devices not working with duplicate device name showing

I use Family Wifi to group my son's devices into 1 group and pause his devices as and when required. However, he can still access the internet by switching off the wifi connectivity on his laptop and switching it on again. In the end, i can see many ...

Nuttytan by Community Member
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Google nest wifi points and mesh connection keeps dropping

I have a google nest wifi router and 3 wifi points. The recent software version that I see is 14150.376.32. When I do a mesh test all the points seem to drop connection every 30 min. Not sure how to fix the problem. I have tried to search the problem...

cp1974 by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Point not connecting after move

Hello, This is a post of desperation - I already have 1. reset all the wifi points 2. Reset the Nest Router 3. unplugged my router for the internet and 4. deleted and started fresh all the info in the google home app. All these steps mentioned have b...

sidfampr by Community Member
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Incorrect data usage from Google Home App

There has been an outstanding issue going on Home App as reported by Is there any resolution to this as this issue has been waiting f...

rindra by Community Member
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Internet keeps going down

My google internet keeps disconnecting from the the internet. Google says it’s a known problem with no solution. They have been out twice in the last 2 days. They completely changed the equipment. They put in new stuff google guy said I might have to...

Marge by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Resolved! Ethernet Backhaul Issues

I've recently installed an Ethernet cable to my farthest room in my home. It was where my farthest WiFi point was having the slowest speeds (I have a total of 4 points, including the main one)I have the farthest point connected to Ethernet, but it's ...

Vivianite by Community Member
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Resolved! Same channel 5 GHz Nest WiFi Ethernet Backhaul)

I have 3 Google Nest routers.Everything is connected correctly (1 router connected to modem via WAN port. The LAN port of this router is connected to an unmanaged switch. All the other nest routers are connected to that switch using thier wan port. I...

BuckZ57 by Community Member
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All WiFi Points offline for 4 hours

I woke this morning to find that all my Nest wifi points were offline and have been for 4 hours (since approximately 3 or 4am PST). I've tried restarting the main Nest WiFi router, I've done speed tests that show it is getting 330/12 Mbps. I've natur...

MichaelSL by Community Member
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