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google home app stopped reporting wifi usage data

 All usage data show zero usage, device usage and network usage data are flat, all connected devices show their connection as idle. Live data does not show any activity. All devices work fine, there are no actual connectivity issues, but I have no wa...

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Couzteau by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest Wifi Pro in Australia?

Ive seen a few posts on this with no updates and posts closed.So starting a new one to ask the same question, when will the Nest Pro be available in Australia?

bungee by Community Member
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NAS not showing up on Nest WiFi Pro mesh system

Hi, when I moved into my new house there was a TP-Link AC1200 router and BT mesh system. With this setup, I was able to connect to my NAS which was plugged into the AC1200 router.When I replaced the BT mesh system with the Nest WiFi Pro, the NAS no l...

Shauno by Community Member
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Nest Wifi point will not connect

I have the nest wifi with 2 wifi points, one is working fine, the other dropped out. i have read through the treads in here, tried everything suggested, but still have issues. I have reset the unit about 10 times and and followed the setup instructio...

Can Google wifi puck be used as a wireless bridge?

I just switched from the Google wifi mesh to a different mesh product. However, I have one network device that doesn't have wi-fi so it is plugged directly into one of the Google pucks. So this puck was acting as a wireless bridge for the device whic...

uscpsycho by Community Member
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Wan port issues

Yesterday my nest wifi was having issues so I factory reset it. Now when I try to set it up in the home app it says to "check wan. An Ethernet cable does not seem to be plugged in correctly" when I know the cable works and is securely plugged in to t...

Fhoulish by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro Outdoor Coverage

AS the Nest Pro is not rated for outdoors, what device is recommended to connect to my Nest Wifi Pro to extend coverage outside on my patio and deck. Currently only a weak signal is being picked up. I've already placed the inside units as close to th...

set time limits to specific devices with google home

i want to set time limits to devices connected to the internet on my nest wifi. it was really easy to manage with the Google wifi app, not the same with google home.this is NOT using google family accounts. is any device connected to the internet on ...

leolo by Community Member
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Google Nest WiFi Pro slow WiFi speed

I have Verizon Fios GigSpeed and use the RJ45 port on the ONT and do not use a Verizon router or MoCa. I have one Nest WiFi Pro to replace my old AirPort Extreme. I have not been able to run a speed test on any device iOS, MacOS, Android, or WinOS an...

Google Wifi with opnsense for site to site VPN

I have two homes. One has unify gateway. Other has Google wifi with mesh (3 pucks).I want to have a site to site VPN between two homes. Google wifi doesn't do this natively. I'd like to put a router (opnsense) in the setup for the site to site VPN. I...

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