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Resolved! verizon fios and Nest Wifi - Mesh Router (AC2200) and 2 points

So if i buy nest wifi and 2 points, with the intention of hooking it up to my verizon fios, is there any other equipment i need. Do i need one of verizons mesh routers or do i simple connect the verizon cable to the google system?thanks gary PS. I am...

glt by Community Member
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Verizon TV needs to be reset multiple times a day

Hi,I have a Verizon router in Bridge mode connected to my Google router and have two Google extenders. I have 47 devices, feit, wemo, chromecast, computers etc.Most of the time everything except the Verizon wireless TV works great so it is not a gene...

Svilich by Community Member
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Connect to printer via WPA2 button

Hi all, I have an old Epsom XP-200 printer that I need to press the WPA2 button so that I can connect the printer to the internet/google nest. Help please

Desfox1 by Community Member
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Internet is slow when connected to google mesh

Internet is slow when connected to google mesh. I have a 1 gb speed plan with Verizon. If I connect to Verizon router, I get around 900 mbps on my laptop browser but when I connect Google Wi-Fi smart mesh, internet speed is hardly reaching 100 mbps. ...

Vfx by Community Member
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How to add google onhub router as mesh point?

I upgraded from Asus Google onhub router to the Google Wifi router.Setup was straightforward. Currently have Google wifi connected with modem as wifi point. I added 2nd Google wifi as mesh point. However I can't add the old Google onhub as mesh point...

Fbweip by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Devices getting disconnected randomly and had to join the guest network

I am reposting this as my previous thread is unresolved and locked up. I can't reopen it. I followed the instruction to set the DNS value for primary and secondary to and respectively. I am not sure that is helping me. I am still gett...

bpans by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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how to test google wifi mesh

How does one access and test (monitor) that the google wifi mesh system (3 devices) is working via Google Home?

roger5 by Community Member
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Google home network

I was able to establish the first nest wifi device just fine; however, I'm having issues connecting the second device. I have done multiple troubleshooting, network still unable to link both devices. Please assist.....

DJCMG by Community Member
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Pro WiFi VLAN tagging support

I have the original Google WiFi which has been a champ. Moving to an ONT (PPoE) connection with a new provider and need support for VLAN tagging on device (911 specifically) Beyond the current minimal support which I either double nat or use a manage...

shoten by Community Member
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