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Degrading Nest Wifi Endpoint Connections

We connect everything in our two story home through the Nest Mesh Wifi. I also added an additional point to extend the coverage area. There are a total of 42 devices including windows, ChromeOS, Roku, and Samsung smart tv. In addition, we also use ri...

MikeVee by Community Member
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Resolved! Google home update wiped all Wifi

My Google home updated without noticed and suddenly everything is inaccessible. This happens about 20 minutes ago with no notice.

Trez666 by Community Member
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Not connected

Change cable box now I can’t watch my dr on my iPhone but Wi-Fi is connected to phone and tv

Questions About the Boost Wi-Fi 6E speed for Nest Wifi Pro

Any ideas, when will the Google Nest Wifi Pro receive a boost in power for the Wi-Fi 6E speed (as stated at the following url: curious and maybe wishful thinking perhaps, but once ther...

mosesg by Community Member
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Unable to connect to Dyson cool and other smart devices

My Dyson and my Soleus window AC units will not connect to Wi-Fi as they use 2.4ghz and connect using the iPhone to bridge the connection. The only solutions I have seen it to walk outside my 5ghz range and hope the phone switches to 2.4ghz. Unfortun...

No change in netmask or op address

Good day,Thank you for reading my post.I installed the Google WiFi and want to change the ip-range and net mask.In the Google Home app i found the place to change it. After i put in the values i want and press the disk in the right top corner, it see...

raminsx by Community Member
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google mesh ,

I have Google mesh system about 6 months old. extension puck tests great when i do the mesh test, but when i test the internet speeds the base has 370 and the extension puck has 50. I have tried resetting the mesh system. Help Thank you

gwoodrum by Community Member
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Google Nest WiFi and IPV6 in bridge mode

Hi,There is a bug on the Google Nest WiFi. Even when IPV6 is disabled, in bridge mode, all devices in my network are receiving ipv6 addresses. The Google Nest WiFi is broadcasting ICMPV6 Router Advertisement but it should not as it's in bridge mode w...

qd73 by Community Member
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Resolved! Adding wired access point to mesh

Hi. I have a nest wifi router in the ground floor with a nest wifi access point on the second floor of a (small) 3 storey house. All works perfectly now, with about 350Mbps download speed all over the house, including the 3rd floor which is currently...

Eog747 by Community Member
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Google Wifi Setup - Connection Failed

I've purchased the Google Wifi mesh and been using it since December with no problems. due to some recent network problems, I decided to do a factory reset for my router and also my Google wifi access points. The router on it's own is working fine no...

Papa_Joe by Community Member
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