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Resolved! Google wifi as acess point without internett

Hi,I'm trying to set up a google wifi as an acess point only, but it seemes like you got to have it online.Is it possible, or do you have to have it connected to the iternett first?

HFF by Community Member
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Nest Wifi access point as a Google assistant on a Nest Pro network

I’ve replaced my Google Nest Wifi network with a Google Nest Pro network. I’d like to retain my older Nest Wifi access points to use as Google Assistants/speakers. Is this possible? When I try to set one up in the Google Home app, it tries to set it ...

hapa17 by Community Member
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Setup and Manage router

I need a mobile phone to set up a Nest Pro router????? What's wrong with the browser on my computer ?

MarshaGee by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest WiFi Pro dropping offline

Help! I've had the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro for a week now, and it's been a terrible experience. I have three pods, all connected through a wired backhaul, and every day, or every other day at least, it goes offline and needs to be unplugged and manuall...

Jdenotter by Community Member
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Resolved! Can't connect to Nest Wi-Fi Pro on 6 GHz

So, I can't get my Pixel 7 Pro to connect to the Nest Wi-Fi Pro on a 6 GHz band (verified through Android directly, and through apps). It's always on 5 GHz, wherever I am in the house (I have 3 Nest Wi-Fi Pro). Not only that, but my speedtests are ac...

Effetk by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Memory Leak?

Over the last two weeks I have had serious issues with my Nest causing a ton of latency in my traffic. Once I reboot the Nest all latency issues go away for a few hours and then they are back again before long.Any known issues? Is there some output I...

Connecting Nest Wifi Pro with Nest Wifi 5ghz

Hi,I have about 7 Nest wifi 5ghz but will like to upgrade to Nest Wifi pro. I need to extend my wifi from main house to a barn/shed. Can I connect Nest wifi pro 6ghz at the house only participating in the mesh network but extend my network to the bar...

ekmhenry by Community Member
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Google WiFi and wired connection

Good morningI have the Google Wi-Fi and am getting ready to install. I want to place one of the "pucks" about 75 feet from the main puck via an ethernet cable. Can I just plug an ethernet cable into the "LAN" port on the main plug and the other end i...

Robby9876 by Community Member
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