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Slow speed with BT fibre

Just had BT fibre 500 installed. When using the BT smart hub 2 only, I get the full 500mbps.I want to reconnect my existing Google Wi-Fi mesh network, so I removed the BT smart hub 2 and connected the google Wi-Fi router directly into the modem (afte...

Mikem11 by Community Member
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Google Wifi (2nd gen) offline but working

Ich brauche bitte HILFE! Ich hab e mir die Google Wifi 2nd gen vor kurzen geholt. Alles hat super funktioniert, bis jetzt. In der Google Home App zeigt es mir an, dass 2 meiner 3 Google Wifis offline sind. Diese 2 pulsieren auch langsam orange. Ich h...

Nikwe by Community Member
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Can't get any connection above 90mbps with brand new Nest Pro Wifi

Hi! I'm using one single Nest WiFi Pro device in my small 2-bedroom apartment. It's connected to ATT's modem directly via ethernet, and I have 1G service. I have tried multiple tweaks as suggested from various other support forums, and I cannot for t...

Resolved! Google Nest WIFI PRO - Max number of repeaters

I have and use the Google Nest Wifi PRO with 1 'base' and '1' repeater/extender AP. How many APs are supported? I was considering adding 2 more APs to extend the range.

knoll20 by Community Member
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Nest WiFi connection WITHOUT QR code OR pin

I am frustrated beyond belief. Yesterday I tried to play my "Hey Google" music in my house. It kept tellling me I am no longer connected with my Applie music. Well yes sir I most certainly am, I do autopay every month. So THAT has frustrated me to no...

Jac27 by Community Member
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Can't Change LAN Name

When I set up my new Wifi Pro system I used a temporary network name "xxx-test". Once setup and old LAN/WAN removed, I gave the WiFi Pro system the same SSIDs/PWs as the system I replaced. My annoyance is that computers connected to the LAN via ether...

Woodyfin by Community Member
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Lost wi fi connectivity

While working on a big presentation tonight, I lost internet connectivity. I unplugged everything and replugged it back in as the instructions said but the little white box (I’m assuming this is the modem) is flashing red. I couldn’t find any info ab...

Nest Wi-Fi doesn’t work “hey Google”

I just purchased and received my Nest wifi. I configured the devices but the dot doesn't respond to OK google or Hey google. The network is fine. The microphone is on. The top lights work when I move the volume… But nothing. Any idea?

WAN/LAN behavior

HelloI want to buy a single Google Nest Router devices but first i need to know the following....Please, could someone confirm if when Internet service is down or ISP modem failed to provide IP address to Nest WIFI Router, the wired network (using LA...