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Resolved! Google Wifi and LAN port, problems?

I have a 3 pack of the google wifi pods. Been working well for a long time as a mesh network. I have been trying to setup another computer next to the main wifi pod ( the router). I should be able to wire in a connection from the NIC of the computer ...

no-fun by Community Member
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Google nest only works with LAN

So my problem is simple but I could not fix it despite many rests and whatnot. My google wifi works when I connect it to LAN but when I disconnect LAN, it does not work anymore

Suli by Community Member
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Segregate Iot devices on separate ip network

I would like to know if there is a way to segregate Iot devices on a walled off ip network using google or nest mesh wifi. Currently I am able to do this with a linksys router running open source firmware, but I am looking into google mesh networking...

Multipal sxm accounts on differnt homes within the same wifi

Having issuse connecting multipal sxm accounts on google nest speaker and nest wifi speaker. Tried linking them in different homes. Different accounts. When tryin to play seperate streams it says cant be done... Please look into this for me we have m...

Cvint by Community Member
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new wifi nest

how do i scan the new wifi if i dont have wifi on my phone

jerrymac by Community Member
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Paused device still shows usage

I have a mesh network with one Gen 2 and three Gen 3 nodes. I found a Ring Doorbell in the devices list of my Google Home iOS app where I have no idea whom it belongs to. I paused the device for several days now, but the paused device shows constant ...

“Hey Google” not working on Nest Wi-Fi points

I bought 1 Nest router with 2 Wi-Fi points. Initially everything works fine after setup. Occasionally one of the Wi-Fi points didn’t respond to the hot word “hey Google”. After plugged/unplugged, it had come back working again usually. However, these...

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KevinS by Community Member
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