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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Repeated Offline Issues!!!!

We’ve had these in our preschool for about 9months. Over the past 2/3 months all the mesh points are going offline on a regular basis. They main router that’s hardwired to modem seems to stay connected. I have been unplugging and plugging them back i...

CCPSchool by Community Member
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I need help port-forwarding on a google nest wifi. Whatever i do the port-forwarding does not work. On the app it says that the port is opened and i have set up a DCHP IP-reservation but to no avail. I was on customer support for several hours, but t...

JustHans by Community Member
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Devices offline?

So I just setup a google wifi mesh system, and all seems to work well…my question is about the devices connected…I have a few phones and devices that are online and using the network, but under devices, it just says they are offline……is this normal?…...

Vohaul by Community Member
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Google nest lightbulbs

Why won’t my lights turn off or on when using the Google Nest or Google Home app. It will work occasionally but not consistently.

Judy55 by Community Member
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Connection issues

My front yard camera says Wi-Fi not connected in my back yard camera is connected but not on the front yard camera for some reason it says it's on but it's showing on the app no Wi-Fi connection

Abeech91 by Community Member
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Google wifi points

All wifi point are flashing blue not white, why?

Ladysk711 by Community Member
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Cannot add access points to Google WIFI mesh

I'm attempting to add access points to a Google WIFI mesh:0) iPhone is connected to the Google WIFI router (via WIFI)1) reset WiFi point by holding the setup button whilst plugging in power.2) once reset has been completed, open google home and add d...

JLO by Community Member
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Installation new wifi nest - won't connect to IOS

Have been using Google Hub for several years. Now switching to Wifi Nest. Have a Blue Curve cable modem, has wifi. Ethernet cable plugged into both devices. Getting message on IOS Home App that network is offline and that have to go to settings to re...

RogerL by Community Member
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Resolved! 2 Home Nest routers - Switch & Points

Would like to know the correct config for my Home Network. I have ISP Modem Router with a 1GB Internet Connection. I have a 5 port switch connected directly to the ISP Modem Router. I also have 2 x Nest Routers and 3x Wifi points. The ISP Modem Route...

BigBadger by Community Member
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