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Google Nest Wifi Pro speed drops to essentially zero

Hi all,Hoping to gain some traction or assistance on this issue. I've opened multiple tickets and spoken on the phone with Google support, but they continue to close out the tickets and send me an FAQ about slow speed. I'm truly amazed Google's suppo...

Sadwifi by Community Member
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Google Router much slower speed than google wifi point.

Hello, I purchased Google wifi about 1 month ago. We have a 1,150 sq ft apartment. My google router(pod) is on top of a shelf (about 5ft 9in off the ground) in living room. Google wifi pod(looks the same as router) is in our guest bedroom towards the...

Aj400 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Google Nest WiFi speed

I’ve had the google nest WiFi system for a few years and over the last 6ish months the lag has gotten really bad (takes several seconds for the WiFi points to respond to requests). Our internet speeds are “blazing fast” according to the inbuilt speed...

Google Wifi Now Only Gets 1mbps Speed

Hey All, I have used Google Wifi for years and it has always been great. Lately I noticed streaming issues; when I tested speed it is always 1mbps or slower and the upload is always around 40mbps, which is where it should be. This is not only on WiFi...

Nest wifi wrong QR code.

I have the exact same issue as described here:, except updating the app didn't fix it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the...

Can't add SmartLife bulbs to wifi

Hello. Does anyone have any ideas as to why I cannot connect SmartLife bulbs to my wifi (Google Mesh router)? They were previously connected but lost connection when someone accidentally flicked the light switch off and on, which put them into pairin...

Google Nest stuck on yellow light

I did the factory reset started blinkling yellow and then stayed solid, waited and waited and its still solid yellow. Its been like 2 hours its still solid yellow!

Gnarly by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Devices Connecting After Restricting Number of IP Addresses

I have a mesh network setup with Nest Wifi and two additional access points.I have restricted the DHCP address pool to just two IP addresses ending in .2 and .3. I want the two APs to get those IP addresses and I do not want any other device connecti...