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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Enhancing wifi mesh.

We live in a three story house with our main internet connection coming in at the ground floor level. I have a Google wifi mesh setup with three Google wifi routers, the one on the ground floor being connected by LAN cable to the incoming router of m...

Erasmian by Community Member
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Resolved! Need clarification on Google Nest WiFi operation regarding frequencies

Hello. I am new to the whole smart house deal. I am in the process of buying a home and I have read and heard that Google Nest WiFi, although an expensive setup, is super reliable and provides strong signals. I am therefore leaning towards buying it....

webJose by Community Member
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Change in wifi strength - mesh quality

When I installed my Nest Wifi the first time the connection speed throughout the house almost tripled - nice! Now though, the speed in the two rooms that have the satellite wifi points, speed is about 20% of the Google wifi router point. The Home app...

Resolved! Google WiFi Nest

Router Beginner here. My new apartment building offers Webpass, so I have to provide my own router for their internet. They list some recommended routers on their page, but when I called no one could really tell me about the routers. There were sever...

KalaW by Community Member
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Unable to add additional wifi points to google wifi

I’m unable to add my 2 wifi points to my main one. The main one works fine but when I try and add additional points it gets to the last step and says network connection failed. it used to work fine till I reset the wifi points. Now only the main one ...

Aceskace by Community Member
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Duplicate devices listed in my google wifi

Every time my son logs in to his windows 10 desktop a new name is listed under my google wifi devices, how do i get rid of this behavior and how do i delete the duplicate names? (factory reset is not an acceptable solution since i have so many device...

newbie75 by Community Member
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Resolved! I would like to wire in a Google Router treating it as a Access Point.

I would like to wire in a Google Router treating it as a Access Point. Is this possible.The Setup is ISP Switch > Google Wifi Router > LAN Switch > Google Router (acting as an Access Point)Can this work?We tried this early today and when I added the ...

wurstd by Community Member
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Unable to rename devices on wifi

I understand that unused devices will fall off the wifi device list after 30 (or possibly 60) days, however it seems the device names are retained as I cannot rename a new device to a name that was used previously (i.e. "Scott's Android"). Since the ...

ScottyB by Community Member
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