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Google: A 100% Guarantee of wildly awful customer support

I've had an ongoing issue (1-6774000033648) with my wifi mesh system where it caps out 90mbps and mostly stays around 40mbps (I pay my ISP for a lot more). I get the speeds I pay for when I'm plugged directly into my Arris modem, so I know it's not o...

tdwyer4 by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi does not pause my device.

I use the best Wi-Fi routines to help control my children’s connectivity. Over the last week it stop “pausing” devices. I did a full reset and reinstall and the issue still showed up. I realize the google recently launched a new version of the nest h...

Jubei13 by Community Member
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Connected without internet

After resetting my modem, the Google Nest network will not connect to the internet. My internet provider has run tests and we have full signal to the modem. All cables are secure. Please advise.

Elizabeth2 by Community Member
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How to Make Google Nest Wifi Redetermine Best Channel Numbers

I have Google Nest Wifi with 3 locations. The 3 locations choose channels 1, 6, and 11. The problem is my solar is also on channel 1 and located right next to the channel 1 Google Wifi point. When my solar starts broadcasting, it is stronger than the...

NolanA by Community Member
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Connection without internet

Hello,I'm hoping someone can help me please. I recently setup a new Google nest wifi router and point however I'm having issues with my phone saying it is connected without internet. It is the only device in the house (12 other devices) that has this...

Ticker by Community Member
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Problems with a Secondary node on Nest Wifi Pro

I have a three floors town house with an additional basement, my main Wifi Pro (router) is on the second floor, and the secondary nodes on 1st and 3rd floor work as expected, but when I try to configure the one on the basement, it just keeps showing ...

eceron by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Need Instructions to connect Google wifi mesh to Vodafone router

Hi All,I am moving to a new ISP provider and have the Google Nest mesh connected to the old one. I now need to move the google nest connecting to the new Vodafone router. Does anyone know the instructions to connect the Google wifi mesh to Vodafone r...

SVe by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Terrible speeds

My speeds were great and then I don't know what happen my speed test readings are now saying 425 uploads and 1 download which is kind of wild. I have tried the hard power cycles on the modem and the wifi points, I have also tested speeds from my mode...

Grimm67 by Community Member
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Cannot complete setup of nest wifi router

Hi. I'm trying to set up my nest router. After pressing the + button, set up a device, new device, home chosen, looking for devices, nest wifi router found, and scan QR code, I got these prompts    I tried to factory reset the new google nest, turn o...

DFFA3528-F7B4-4FC6-B3C8-641950BA09C7.jpeg F8F2E8B8-510D-4453-9D81-DB46531D31CC.jpeg 176C007D-8828-468D-A25D-7118A92736B0.jpeg 9B7531A8-78BA-4A47-A35E-C24A0D064249.jpeg
PCR by Community Member
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Slow waypoint on mesh

I’ve read through a lot of posts on this subject but haven’t seen a real good answer. I have 880+ Mbps at the router. One waypoint, which is less than 30 feet away with no obstructions, has a speed of 117 Mbps. The other, one room away, is at 183 Mbp...

Antone74 by Community Member
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