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Don’t know default setup password for google nest hub

Hi could someone help please. What is the default password to access the setup wifi for the nest hub. It’s not documented anywhere. I can’t find an option to set it up in google home or to change it. This is my first device set up so there is no pre-...

Kristenp by Community Member
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Nest Wifi VLAN ID tagging not supported

I live in a building that was wired cables so not modem required. My nest will not set up. I have another router that works just fine. In the app, I get VLAN ID tagging not supported. I called the provider. they are clueless

loganqq by Community Member
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Getting really old having to restart my Nest network almost daily

I "upgraded" to Nest Wi-fi about a month ago thinking I'd see some benefits over my prior non-mesh Netgear WAP / Cisco home security router/gateway and cut my household over.Almost daily I get complaints from my wife about her iPhone disconnecting. M...

ShellDude by Community Member
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Appalling customer service

Wow chatted to customer supportThey insisted on knowing what country I was in. What with all the issues around google and privacy I demurredI was then accused of being in a country where the device is not supported (who knows, certainly this was not ...

Google wifi goes offline after 30 minutes

Hi, I setup a google wifi nest router and successfully connected devices. But the issue is, it goes offline after 30 minutes. and I have to do over again next day as the wifi is totally cannot be detected. It happened trice. I wonder whether theres i...

andre34 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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First time connection to Next Mini

Trying to initially set up my new Nest Mini and I am getting an error message when connecting to my Wi-Fi - which is Could not communicate with your Nest Mini - can someone please advise what is wrong?Thanks

Carmel by Community Member
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How do I connect a WD NAS to Google mesh

I just installed a Google nest WiFi router with 2 additional points. I plugged my WD NAS into the router but it is not showing up on my network. what did I do wrong?

Mswartzvt by Community Member
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Resolved! Can I pair my Google Nest Wifi Points for stereo?

I might have a nomenclature challenge here, confused on the speaker capabilities in the Google Nest Wifi Point (The new device sold with the hub combo). I am hoping the speaker in the Google Nest Wifi Point emulates one of the following Google Home, ...

BTPeat by Community Member
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