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Google wifi setup fails

I'm setting up a mesh network using 4 second hand access points connected to a Huawei 4G modem/router. I have factory reset all the devices.The intent connection is tested and works. Setup always fails in the "gathering a few things" stage with the e...

Randommoz by Community Member
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As dumb as dumb gets NEST Wi-fi

So I have several nest cameras outdoors, one at front entrance and one in back entrance. I just upgraded my Verizon Fios and have a new router I also created a new pass for the wi-fi.So my cameras are offline and have to update the Wi-fi pass. From w...

Screenshot 2021-11-03 211418.png
Galexc by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi setup with Spectrum Modem

Hi,I had Spectrum internet at previous house and had my Next Wifi connected to it without any issues. I am in the process of moving and received a newer Spectrum modem to use at my new address. I tried for hours to get the Nest connected to the modem...

scottperz by Community Member
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Nest wifi mesh

Messags:"Unable to communicate with your network at thia time".How to fix?

NancyF by Community Member
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Internet stutter

So recently I have experienced a lot of internet stutters. I have a google nest router. Every time I play fifa or some other games I get momentarely disconnected resulting in me either loosing progress or disconnecting from the game.

Emil by Community Member
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Resolved! Remote Access to Device Connected to Nest Router

I have a camera system that allows a mobile app to live view while at home and while away. The live view works fine while connected to the home's WiFi network with a device setup in the app including the IP for the camera system and the camera's user...

Micheal by Community Member
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Installing a Google mesh WiFi puck in structured wire enclosure

Has anyone had success installing a Google mesh WiFi puck in a plastic structured wire enclosure? I would like to try to put the primary puck in a new home that has a Legrand On-Q enclosure in a central coat closet. Thoughts? Success stories? Bad ide...

Xc86 by Community Member
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Best placement for google wifi?

I have the Google wifi gen 1. I have 1 router and 3 points. The house is two story, my router is in the master bedroom, 1 wifi point in an upstairs bedroom, 1 point in living room downstairs and last one is in the den downstairs. They all take turns ...

Sal329 by Community Member
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Fast internet but can't share screen or video on skype/teams/zoom

For the past month I have had issues when sharing my screen or having my video on, when on conference calls (skype/teams/zoom). Once sharing screen/video my voice is robotic, jumpy or completely inaudible to the other participants. I have run interne...

eyoung by Community Member
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