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device wont connect to 5G, needs 2.4Gz network option

hello, my google mesh network is set up only as a 5gz network, but I need a 2.4Gz network to set up a new device. how can I modify the Gz network output on my google mesh network?

srmiller by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro dropping network every 30-34min

Posting here to try and filter up some of the other posts. I've gone through the other posts and called support yesterday who also read the same script/fix I found here. To date, I've done the following for my 4 G6ZUC on version 1.63.327820:Restarted...

jacbaker by Community Member
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Nest battery WiFi

How to reconnect the nest WiFi camera to the router after the power back on?

122casper by Community Member
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Port Forwarding Issues

I cannot add a port under port management. There is no (+) button. I go to my device > device settings > network settings > advanced networking > port management, and the only things there are toggles for Nest Wifi Cloud Services and Wifi Router and ...

Aceaid by Community Member
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Connection DROP : Firmware 14150.376.32

Have 3 nodes model GJ2CQ with firmware version 14150.372.32 and all the connections drop.Tried all the fixes but only with a reboot the connection resumes to normal mbps.I must reboot the system 2x 3x times a day. This is unacceptable.

hugo_jose by Community Member
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