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Get buffering on tv intermittently. Tried everything. What next? 

hmalmon by Community Member
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Internet speed test - Nest wifi

Has anyone noticed that internet speed tests are slower on Nest wifi than Google wifi? I realize it makes no sense, but here's my situation:Over the weekend I decided to upgrade my AC1200 google mesh wifi system for a brand the new AC2200 Nest wifi m...

timmed by Community Member
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Frontier ONT connect Google mesh

I want to connect the ont directly to my Google mesh, bypassing their modem, which is limiting our 700 up 700 down to 400 down and 20 up.

kilo12v8 by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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Changing the channel

Searching through the forums, I see plenty of feedback on users asking to be able to set their own channel. It is this and the points below that have me looking for a new wifi setup.No your silly "crowded vs busy" nonsense doesn't hold up. I now have...

ponyboy3 by Community Member
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Google Wifi

I just got the Google Wifi routers (1 hub and 2 satellite routers). I went thru the installation process. I am able to connect to the Hub router. However, the Hub router along with the 2 Satellite routers show offline on the Google Home app. I can se...

akumar by Community Member
  • 50 replies
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Nest Wifi Router States Offline but mesh network working fine

 Hello, I’m having an issue with my nest wifi router displaying offline (see photo). However when I click on it for more details, it says that it is online and connected to two wifi points. The speed test and mesh test are fine. Is this just a softwa...

Aktapol by Community Member
  • 22 replies
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Google Nest Wi Fi

I'm attempting to set up my new Google Nest WI Fi network that consists of three components. Even though I have a strong ethernet connection, and my Wi Fi router is active, my Google Home app indicates my Wi Fi router is offline. I have successfully ...

Resolved! Extend google wifi with Ethernet cable

Hi, I have a shed about 60meters from my google wifi router and the reception is poor. I have another google wifi point with an Ethernet switch connected to the LAN port located elsewhere in the house. Can I run Ethernet cable from the Ethernet switc...

ConradD by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Router says offline but still works.

I am having an odd issue. My WiFi has been very glitchy lately so I logged into the app and saw lots of points offline. I have 3 routers and 2 points. I decided to take it all down. Deleted the home and factory reset everything. Tried to set everythi...

Tl01 by Community Member
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