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How do I remove unwanted device from my network with out resetting password

Pgrego by Community Member
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Resolved! ATT Still slow. Wi-Fi no more than 90 Mbps

Ever since last update can’t get more than 100 mbps wired/wireless.   I’ve included my screenshots. I have att router in pass through mode and att Wi-Fi currently off. Prior to recent updates was getting same speed as att router. Please

5F9ADB70-DBF8-4B36-B58A-B40AD0591D6A.png E799C519-1BCE-421A-9FE3-568D6A0FCFBA.png
Thekrahl by Community Member
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How to set up a VPN with Nest Wifi to access local network?

The controller to my pool can only be accessed while I'm on my home network (because the phone and the controller are on the same network). I would like to be able to access the controller when I'm not on the local network. The controller is accessed...

FJmanG by Community Member
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Any way of getting the public IP address remotely?

My router rebooted and got assigned a new IP address. The only devices that came up is my Nest and several echo dots. Any way of getting the public IP address of the Nest or Amazon Echo dots remotely? I can only poll Mac addresses. I also can no long...

Resolved! Why can't I get the Nest Wifi Pro latest firmware?

I've tried everything including factory resetting the Nest Wifi Pro and it will not update to the latest firmware. I'm stuck on 1.63.318999 which means with my PPPoE connection I'm limited to around 30-50Mbps when I know I'm getting 900Mbps from BT. ...

Aria by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro

Do I still need an internet connection with the Nest Wifi Pro. I am currently with BT, do I need to cancel my internet subscription and replace it with the Nest Wifi Pro or does it just provide additional bandwidth on top of what I already pay for wi...

Issues With Google Mesh Wifi Cable Integrity Status

Hello, i am having issues with my Google Wifi mesh. I am using the extender as a hub for ethernet to my computer. Whilst running a diagnostics test on Intels PROSet software i got these test results:Cable Test Results [11/15/2022 10:24:05 PM] :Cable ...

Remind Google WiFi mesh from home app

I've use my Google mesh for quite some time and it worked great. Something happened over the last couple months that I couldn't stream shows without buffering, zoom calls cutting out, etc.I replaced them with a new 6.0 mesh system. Now however the ol...