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Administration of multiple Wifi SSIDs

I need to add WiFi to 12 rental apartments, so I thought about using 4x 3-pack of Google Wifi for it.The question I am thinking of;Can I admin 12 Google Wifi devices separately (not as a mesh) with the Google Home app without using them as a mesh?I'd...

Chromecast nor nest max connect to wifi

To get Wi-Fi access in an office, it’s similar to getting free wifi at say an airport you click on their Wi-Fi and it sends you to a page where you have to put in your details for them to then grant you permission we initially did this with my iPad w...

AJH67 by Community Member
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Connecting External HD to Nest Wifi Via Ethernet

Hey guys, I just want to check to see if I’m correct.I have a wester Digital My Cloud Home Personal Cloud Storage NAS 6 Tb Ethernet LAN…If I connect this via the spare USB port on the Nest Router, will I be able to assess this HD on my network. This ...

TroyT by Community Member
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Nest WiFi off line but working

My WiFi nest router and points indicate to be off line, but I do have internet (sometimes weak). Have unplugged the nest router and also restarted the network and points. Problem remains the same.

Jaron by Community Member
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Trying to use Google Nest Router as point

I have a Nest mesh network and am trying to use a router as an additional point. Every time I try to add it to the network, it initially seems to join the network, but as it is setting up, it tries to start a new network. How do I get it to join my e...

IPV6 Not Working

Hi, my original Google WiFi isn’t working with IPV6. I hadn’t used the system for a while, and a few weeks ago I plugged it in, the routers connected to the internet fine AND gave me IPV6 fine, however the routers were not showing in the Google Home ...

MarkyR74 by Community Member
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Youtube is not working using Google Wifi

I have Google Nest Wifi connected to my router. Everything was working great, until couple of weeks ago, YouTube stopped working when i use the Google WiFi - it's getting stuck on buffering. In contrast, using my router WiFi (not Google's) works seam...

barak1413 by Community Member
  • 17 replies
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Disable NAT on Nest Wifi Router

I need to disable NAT on the nest Wifi. Bridge mode is not an answer as I don't want to disable mesh.This is my topology:ISP<-->Firewall <-->Nest Wifi Router<-->Mesh and Switch <--> Wired and wireless devices.I need to see the end user IP addresses f...

jesmith4 by Community Member
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Mesh Online but app says offline

The home app on opening page says router and points offline But when i check each each one under the wifi logo on opening page of app it days all workn and good connections and mesh test days all good???whats up?