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Nanoleaf Troubleshooting for Nest Wifi Pro users

Hey Nest Community, Some of you have encountered an issue between Nest Wifi Pro version 3.73.406133 and older versions of Nanoleaf Essentials products (below version 3.6). There is an incompatibility which causes Nanoleaf Essentials devices to become...

Google nest wifi

Hi still having problems with connection. About to take the Google nest back for a refund. It wont connect to my wifi. I have tried using my phone or my computer. I have tried turning everything off and on and unplugging as suggested. Sometimes on my...

Robyn22 by Community Member
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Remove offline devices

Hey, I want to delete offline devices from the list of devices that have been connected to my network.I read this old closed post

GJ2CQ Will not complete reset.

Unit fell off network, though looked normal with solid blue. Powered down, powered up with reset button pressed, released button after 10 seconds and blue flash. Never went to blue pulse and not visible to others, or "Home" app. Have seen threads in ...

Arpie by Community Member
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Work laptop intermittent connection to Google Wifi

Experiencing a strange issue - work laptop seems to experience an intermittent connection to my Google Wifi home network, but no other device has the same problem. I've experienced it in any number of programs, but it's most visible when I attempt to...

alizarr by Community Member
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Wifi not pausing on google home if you put a time after midnight

Hey hey, just wondering what the issue is when I setup up times for the wifi to turn off on and off. I have a custom one for Saturday night as I let my teenage son stay up later so set it for 12:30am. However it never switches off of the time is set ...

Ezmay77 by Community Member
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Nest wifi losing wifi Connection

I have a google nest wifi with two access points and the entire house will lose internet connection over and over again all day long. I’ve even switched internet suppliers and it continues to happen. Is there any solution to fix this?

Google Nest Wifi Pro speed drops to essentially zero

Hi all,Hoping to gain some traction or assistance on this issue. I've opened multiple tickets and spoken on the phone with Google support, but they continue to close out the tickets and send me an FAQ about slow speed. I'm truly amazed Google's suppo...

Sadwifi by Community Member
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