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Mesh Speed Issues on Devices

Ok so first off we have the 2nd Gen Nest set, with 3 total access points. Have great mesh connection throughout the house per the Home app. However, when I do a speed test on the App, it always shows that it is getting nearly the full 1GIG speed I pa...

Wifi speed dropping after ISP upgarde to 100/100 Mbit

I used to have a 50/50 (download/upload) connection with my ISP. Using Google Nest (one router + 2 points) I was actually getting 50/50 measured over the wifi (not cabel). The speed was very consistent i.e. everytime I checked - for more than 12 mont...

jb23 by Community Member
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Onhub out of support

I note the retirement of OnHub. If I restart network rather than Factory reset Onhub will I then be able to re-manage my existing supported access points i.e. 3x pucks? Also when I read the Onhub will / can 'continue to provide a wifi signal' - I don...

SimonLill by Community Member
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Parental Controls

Having trouble finding how to configure parental controls on a newly installed Google Wifi 6 router which came with google fiber. Cam someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

RobH77 by Community Member
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MAD Google Nest

I am so mad i can't even see straight right now. I have now spent 3 hours and 5 different people on the phone, to get a Google nest set up.I have T Mobile gateway for my internet, I just bought the Google nest so I could have better (extended Wi-Fi),...

Kim8 by Community Member
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Access Point has an orange light

Hi! My WiFi has been cutting in and out and it may be due to the connection of my access point as it has an orange light at the bottom. I test the mesh connection in the app, but it says a good connection despite the issues across my devices.

Karvong03 by Community Member
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Nest WiFi & Point

My Nest WiFi speed is half of my ISP. If I connect anything directly to the ISP Fiber modem the speed is correct. If I do a full reset on the Nest (including rebooting the fiber modem) it gets the full speed for a short time and then goes back to hal...

Wifi Upload Throttled

Even with pass-through enabled, my upload speeds are seriously throttled. My last speed test (yesterday): Download = 828 Mbps Upload = 99.1 MbpsAlso performed a complete factory reset. As an aside, my wired connections have 850 Mbps download and 950 ...

Doug11 by Community Member
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